Particl Launches Hack-Proof and Fee-Less Online Marketplace

Particl Launches Hack-Proof and Fee-Less Online Marketplace
Advertisement, a leading blockchain project has announced the launch of its online marketplace that promises users superior privacy than other online stores and the site also supports a vast array of cryptos, making life easier for users.

Particle is a completely decentralized blockchain project and the ecosystem is powered by its native privacy-centric altcoin called PART.

At a time when many people still find it a herculean task spending their cryptos, without sacrificing their privacy, the Particl team has taken it upon itself to solve this great problem.

Particl enables users to purchase and sell goods seamlessly without having to submit their personal information to the merchant, excepting the exact shipping address the product will be sent to.

This makes the Particl platform the most secure and private online marketplace in existence. 


That’s not all, users of the platform also enjoy commission-free transactions, due to the fact that there are no third-parties on the platform, unlike other platforms that charge sellers up to 45% of the cost of the sold item.

This excellent advantage makes it possible for sellers on Particl to reduce the prices of their products, thereby attracting more customers than their competitors and making more profit in the long run.

Thanks to Particl’s business model of “no third party,” as well as the integration of robust privacy protocols, the team gives users 100% guarantee that their sensitive data can never be given to third parties.

The importance of privacy in online platforms can never be overemphasized, as a good number of platforms have experienced massive heists that enabled hackers to steal not only people’s information but the business secrets of the victims also.

While platform such as OpenBazaar is the pioneers of crypto-friendly online stores, Particl has however upped the ante by adopting a decentralized business model and prioritizing privacy.

That’s not all, Particl also uses a double escrow system that requires no third-parties or fees, to eliminate the issue of fraud, while fostering trade insurance.

To crown it all, Particl redistributes the listing fees it earns to its global network since it operates an entirely decentralized model devoid of intermediaries.

Paul Schmitzer, Director of Marketing and Strategy at Particl said:

“Using a combination of P2P and blockchain tech, Particl Open Marketplace can offer a verifiably private shopping experience that ensures no user data can be created or collected by any other person than the one you’re transacting with.”