Particl Completes Its Online Marketplace Inspired By Satoshi Nakamoto’s Last Unfinished Project

Particl Completes Its Online Marketplace Inspired By Satoshi Nakamoto's Last Unfinished Project

Particl, a fork of Bitcoin, has announced the completion of an eBay-style marketplace derived from an original concept first proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto.

According to the team, the eBay-style marketplace is built using smart contracts and will be integrated into the Particl wallet. Particl’s latest release seeks to provide buyers and sellers with a safe environment to easily trade goods and services without worrying about getting scammed. The marketplace offers buyers and sellers encrypted chat messaging and ring signatures to provide more privacy when making transactions. In addition, the marketplace features zero fees.

The marketplace is a working version of Satoshi’s unfinished marketplace built on Bitcoin. Before his disappearance in 2011, Satoshi worked on a marketplace built into Bitcoin. His original Bitcoin source code included an unfinished marketplace in line 69 of the headers file. In an email to Mike Hearn, Satoshi wrote, “I was trying to implement an eBay-style marketplace built into the client.”

To bring this vision into place, an anonymous team of developers came together to create the now completed Particl Marketplace. Started in 2014, Partcl is an eBay, Amazon, and exchange disruptor. Particl is a decentralized all-in-one financial platform designed to protect users’ rights while giving them total freedom. The project aims last to create technological solutions that shift the balance of power from big corporation monopolies and provide it to the users.

Despite not being fully developed, Particl’s marketplace has operated for a while. During the Covid pandemic, the marketplace allowed buyers and sellers to use its decentralized governance system. Unlike traditional platforms like eBay and Amazon, users on this new marketplace could buy and sell different products without facing any restrictions and intermediaries. 

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At the platform’s core, the PART token is the native currency in the Particl ecosystem. Users pay in PART for different goods and services. However, developers behind the project are working on a mechanism to support direct payments in Dash, Monero, FIRO, PIVX, Litecoin, USDT,  Bitcoin, and more to be added in the coming days. Currently, users can download Particl Desktop at their official website