Papercrypto. Trading Contests As New Risk-Free Way To Understand Cryptocurrency

Papercrypto. Trading contests as new risk-free way to understand cryptocurrency

Professionals firmly believe that cryptocurrency will form the basis of an alternative financial system that will be relevant to billions of people. Yet, today there are still many that don’t know about or understand cryptocurrency. Obviously, these billions won’t begin to use something that is unfamiliar to them. No one will actually.

That’s why the highly-professional team created Papercrypto – a project to help new and existing users get exposure and educate themselves on cryptocurrency.

How does it work?

A good idea’s to say “anyhow you wish”. Papercrypto is a cryptocurrency trading simulation game that lets you trade cryptocurrencies virtually with no risks at all and construct a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. It uses cryptocurrency market prices that update in real time, and currently supports the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and plans to support more in the future. Probably that’s the best way of mastering your crypto trading skills.

When you first join Papercrypto, you are given an allocation of virtual 20,000 US Dollars (100% simulation and not real) that you can use for cryptocurrency purchases. Cryptocurrency holdings and relevant data points are displayed in real time in your Portfolio.


This account and play money are yours indefinitely, which you can use to examine and buy any of the listed cryptocurrencies. This allows you to see what it is like to own cryptocurrency in a safe environment, and you can also see the different currencies and research them by name.


Papercrypto often gives users opportunities to test their trading skills and win real cryptocurrency prizes. These contests usually have some real money prize pool, paid to the winners in crypto of their own choice. How to participate? Just click it. Registration for all of them requires nothing but joining Papercrypto. Everything is absolutely free of any charge.

Market relevancy

Once you start your virtual crypto trading path, you have access to a full list of cryptocurrencies allowed for trade. How to think over what crypto to buy? Of course, study its relevant market behavior and try to make some predictions based on what you find. At Papercrypto, you may click on any cryptocurrency you wish, and be provided with full market charts to track crypto prices in a powerful interface.

Leaderboard: check out the results

Papercrypto has a leaderboard of all the players ranked according to their trading success, also displaying the cryptocurrency assets they have, and how their value changed.

To sum it all up, we definitely have the easy and risk-free way to get closer to cryptocurrency trade, master the skills and practice trading without fear of losing a fortune. That would increase the common cryptocurrency education and awareness, necessary for future use of these technologies.

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