P2E Encrypted Game Pikaster Wins Strategic Investment From KuCoin Ventures

P2E Encrypted Game Pikaster Wins Strategic Investment From KuCoin Ventures

Play-to-earn blockchain game Pikaster has won a strategic investment from top crypto exchange KuCoin’s investment arm, KuCoin Ventures. The aim of the investment is for the two to use technology and business to advance the development of the blockchain financial ecosystem. 

KuCoin Ventures, being the blockchain and distributed technology investment institution under KuCoin has helped to build several blockchain projects. The platform’s main goal is to promote the growth of blockchain technology through the capital.

Harnessing the growth of GameFi

The blockchain gaming industry is growing rapidly, with over 1.2 users currently and 509.1 million US dollars in total locked volume. This growth presents the perfect opportunity for Pikaster to blossom with its unique features.

The game uses a 100% decentralized architecture to balance the ratio of playability and finances. Its design makes it a closed-loop with convenient operation, a stable currency system, and diverse gameplay meant to attract new gaming fans. Market participants also have a chance at playing a fair game, as the game develops towards guaranteeing user income and growth of the entire chain game economy.

About the game


Pikaster is the first Polygon chain-based card GameFi game produced by Metaland. The highly scalable and interoperable game incorporates diverse aspects of the crypto economy, including DeFi, NFT, games, Metaverse, DAO/Social, etc. Other features include NFT pet training, NFT equipment enhancement skills, pledge NFT to obtain income, etc.

With the PK battle mode, players can buy their own NFT (Piaksters) to participate in battles and complete tasks to gain Get multi-token rewards. The game has developed a trading market, a rental market, and a blind auction market in the game system. Players can decide to conduct free trading, idle rental, or auction depending on their needs and economic level, in order for them to maximize NFT acquisition.

Players in the Metaland community have governance and voting rights for platform development if they hold the platform tokens and can share in the community dividends. 

Why Pikaster is unique 

  1. Simple and convenient operation process

The game provides an in-built wallet system that enables players to easily complete the recharge, extraction, and transactions of NFT Currency within the game.

  1. Continuous income guarantee

Pikaster has three tokens, namely $MLS (platform token) + $SRBS (rare game token) + $RBS (regular game token). These take care of the problem of inflation so that all participants in any role enjoy continuous growth in income.

  1. Diversified entertainment experience

Gaming needs to be fun, so Pikaster incorporates common modes of PVP battles and PVE adventures in addition to different gameplays such as expedition, placement, guild group battles, and special weather.

Open Gameplay

The game is very simple as it is a pet card game. Players can obtain random pet cards by purchasing their own NFTs (Pikasters) in the trading market. The cards have six attributes, namely grass type, poisonous insect type, Water, electricity, fire, and fighting. Players can predict the combat performance of cards by just looking at the restraint relationship between different attributes. 

By evolving and breeding the cards, players can obtain upgraded pet card characters and then use appropriate card battle strategies or flexible pledge systems to get multi-token benefits. The digital assets can be sold on the trading platform to convert to actual income when it is up and running.

Future plans 

Pikaster’s future plans include open IGOs of top exchanges and IDOs of MLS tokens in April this year, after which it is expected to launch the market in mid-April. The full breakdown is as follows: 

Unlimited opportunities

We are in an era of rapid metaverse development, and Pikaster’s willingness to experiment with increasingly complex visual effects, virtual world construction, user-initiated creation, social models, and other topics will spur industry innovation.

Pikaster will continue to prioritise users, rely on ecology, and expand into RPG, development, management, and other fields in the future, leveraging the advanced experience of Truly-play Truly-earn to satisfy users’ high expectations.

More about Pikaster

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