Oryen Network Unexpected +400% Price Increase During Live Presale, Attracting Major Crypto Whales

Oryen Network Unexpected +400% Price Increase During Live Presale

Whales are known in the cryptocurrency market as big crypto holders that can move markets. They are known to have deep contacts and inside information about where the next potential opportunities are, and they use that information to their advantage. Recently, there has been a surge in Oryen Network (ORYN) prices. The DeFi project has seen an unexpected 400% price increase during its live presale, attracting major crypto whales looking to instil in the next big thing.

Oryen Network is one of those projects that has caught the attention of these whales because it’s paving the way for other DeFi projects. What’s the hype?

Why Oryen Makes Sense

Oryen Network, in its presale 8, is garnering a lot of traction, triggering whale alerts. The early investors in the DeFi project are witnessing a 400% augmentation in their holdings.

Since its initial price of $0.35, the Oryen Network token ORY witnessed a price surge to the current $0.25. Thus, ranking among the top DeFi coins of 2022 according to Business2Community.

Oryen Network is backed with innovative features that make it stand out from other decentralized platforms in the market. In his recent Youtube video review, Darryl Boo notes that major crypto holders are opting for Oryen Network.

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One unique feature users can anticipate from Oryen Network is its 90% annualized yield. Moreover, it features a Risk-Free Value (RFV) wallet backed by the treasury.

Moreover, it features transaction tax to maintain yields within its ecosystem. Also, it creates a safe floor price for Oryen tokens (ORY). The taxes encourage users to hold their tokens within the protocol to earn yields instead of trading them for value.

In addition, an anti-whale tax has been implemented on the ecosystem due to recent cases of whales on other projects. Therefore, the ecosystem prevents large whale selling orders by placing high taxes on sales.

Bottom Line

Oryen network plays an integral role in the crypto market, with consistent headways proving a worthy acquisition.

Learn more here:

Join presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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