Oryen is the new Tamadoge or Big Eyes – Presale Sees 120% Price Increase

Oryen is the new Tamadoge or Big Eyes - Presale Sees 120% Price Increase

Having a diversified portfolio is more vital than ever in a bear market. And what better way to do that than to have some crypto projects that generate passive yield for you?

Oryen Network’s native token, ORY, has seen a 120% price increase after its third presale phase. In addition, ORY is a popular staking platform among traders because of its never-before-seen features. As a result, some believe ORY might surpass established protocols that could be more beginner-friendly and offer more complex products.

What is the Oryen Network?

Oryen has made its mark in decentralized finance by announcing to deliver the most user-friendly utilities for staking. The auto-staking platform provided its earliest backers astonishing returns after the native token ORY shot up 120% after it concluded the third of six presale phases. This success has cemented Oryen’s reputation as a top Defi platform and one to watch in the future.

The protocol offers holders of ORY a static APY of 90%, thanks to the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) mechanism. In addition, OAT takes care of the auto-staking and compound for investors, simplifying everything into a three-step process: buy, hold, and earn.

This allows holders to front-run this opportunity before ORY launches in December. Moreover, the network’s smart contracts are audited by SolidProof, adding another layer of safety for investors.


With such a bright and green outlook, Oryen Network has accumulated support from several cryptocurrency YouTubers like Steven Clarke. So if that makes you curious and you want a bit out of Oryen, here is their presale schedule:

Presale SessionDateORY PricePurchase Bonus
Presale 202 Nov — 09 Nov$0.110%
Presale 309 Nov — 16 Nov$0.119%
Presale 416 Nov — 23 Nov$0.128%
Presale 523 Nov — 02 Dec$0.1257%

What is TAMA (Tamadoge)?

Tamadoge is a new player in the play-to-earn segment of crypto. It boasts a metaverse called Tamaverse, where users can breed and battle the Tamadoge pets. Interestingly, those pets can also be owned and traded as NFTs, just like the ‘Axies’ of the P2E giant Axies Infinity.

In addition, the most successful breeders and fighters can win a share in a monthly prize pool of TAMA. As a result, users actively engage on the platform, strengthening the project’s outlook.

Understanding Big Eyes

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a community-based platform that allows users to make coffers by actively participating in philanthropic endeavours and NFT adoption. You may find fans of NFT, meme coins, and other amusing stuff on this site. Because many NFT and art enthusiasts are out there and the platform appears to appeal to them, The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has received much support from the crypto community.

Key Takeaways

Oryen has shown great potential already during the ongoing presale. Its unique features and steady APY are highly sought-after. As a result, it is expected to outperform and continue outperforming most cryptocurrencies.

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