Orbs Network Launches its Freshly Redesigned Site

Orbs Network Launches its Freshly Redesigned Site

The Orbs Network is a decentralized public blockchain aimed at bringing scalability and low fees together with a first-grade developer experience. With isolation between virtual chains, online IDE, and smart contracts in familiar languages, Orbs equip developers with the perfect mix of performance, cost, security, and ease of use. But, as someone new to Orbs network, how would you know about its capabilities? Through its website, of course! 

The importance of websites in today’s digital age is undeniable. The Orbs network had long been thinking about how to be more focussed and precise in delivering information and content to its community members and the larger ecosystem it belongs to. Finally, it has launched its new website. 

Like Orb’s service itself, the website also targets to deliver efficiency with value and convenience. Additionally, the sophisticated and user-friendly look and feel play a role. 

The Homepage

The homepage is where it all starts. A logically designed homepage that catches the user’s attention at the first glance is properties that every business needs to have. Yet, it is difficult to achieve on the ground. The Orbs Network has a decluttered, lean homepage that mostly focuses on a rotating globe for almost half the webpage’s area.

Apart from being a fully operational public blockchain with a decentralized pool of validator nodes, the Orbs network is a global one with a consistently expanding ecosystem. The rotating globe on Orb’s website finally captures this spirit. What adds to the value of the homepage are the continuously emerging pop-up cards, cards that carry interesting bits of information about the network. While the design helps to pull in the audience, it keeps disseminating information non-intrusively to build an idea on its service from day zero. 


Multiple Language Content

Another aspect that you would readily notice when you open the website of the Orbs network is that its content is available in three languages: English, Korean and Japanese. The approach fits with the network’s global outlook.

A Well Laid Out Structure

The Menu design of the Orbs Network starts with the aim of offering a basic overview of its traffic before they delve any deeper into it. It begins with a general overview that defines the contours of its characteristics, technological progress, and architecture. 

In the PoS universe, you get to know about the Orb Network’s consensus mechanism and its features, along with its roles and ways to participate. 

The presentation is clear, concise, and accessible. Anyone can grasp the basics of the Orbs project without knowing a lot about technology, coding, etc. 

Simultaneously, if you are interested in and capable of grasping the nuances of Orbs’ technology, you can do so by going through the high-level documentation. The potential questions that may arise are available on the FAQ page. 

The about us segment follows the industry best practice with information on the team behind Orb, the contact avenues, the whitepapers, and more.

Resources Stand Out

The tiled design of the Orb resources segment makes the website stand out from the rest. The resource segment includes information on a wide variety of support features, offerings, and capabilities, such as Orbs staking wallet, Orbs virtual chains, on-chain metrics, and more. 

To get information on any of these tools, you can access the blog page as and when required.