Opera Extends Support To Polygon, Solana In Major Web3 Push For Over 300 Million Users

Opera Extends Support To Polygon, Solana In Major Web3 Push
  • Opera turns to cryptocurrencies with an expansion into 8 new blockchains.
  • The new expansion includes several layer-2 blockchains as well as layer-1s for a robust experience.
  • The move is monumental for cryptocurrencies given the usage of Opera browsers around the world.

Opera, a top web browser, is digging its heels in cryptocurrencies with a valiant attempt to foster adoption. The new offering includes support for 8 blockchains including Solana and Polygon.

The Opera of Cryptocurrencies

Opera announced that it was adding support for cryptocurrencies across the leading blockchains in the industry. The world’s first native web3 browser disclosed via a blogpost that the robust integration adds 8 blockchains to the fold with a new focus on layer-2 blockchains. 

Polygon, one of the newly supported blockchains, was chosen because of the cheaper fees that it offered to users while “still leveraging Ethereum’s robust decentralization and security.” Other layer-2 blockchains were selected because of the strategy of remaining “chain agnostic” and bringing millions of individuals on board while paying special attention to the environmental impact.

The selected blockchains include Solana, Polygon, StarkEx, Nervos, Ronin, IXO, and Bitcoin. Users of Opera can now interact seamlessly with the decentralized applications of these blockchains with the push of a few buttons. Polygon’s support exposes Opera’s users to over 7,000 Dapps while Solana’s will include top NFT marketplaces and decentralized exchanges like Radium.

Speaking on the development, Jorgen Arnesen Opera’s EVP Mobile said that the average internet user might have some skepticism with Web3 technology “but with the integration of Solana, Polygon, and others in our mobile browser that can now access these technologies from the safety and familiarity of the browser that provides them with a dedicated Web3 experience.”

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The Impact Will Be Huge

The effects of the integrations are expected to have ripple effects across the entire ecosystem. Opera has over 200 million mobile users which makes it a leading player in the ecosystem and exposure to Web3 could see cryptocurrency usage spike significantly.

The company turned to cryptocurrencies for the first time in 2018 during the lull in activity as a result of Bitcoin’s plunge. At the time, it created history by being the first browser to be integrated with a cryptocurrency wallet. Not resting on its laurels, Opera launched a new project at the start of the year called the Crypto Browser Project that provides DApp support and a comprehensive cryptocurrency experience.

Cryptocurrencies reacted positively to the announcement with Solana and Polygon recording upward movement in their prices. SOL gained 4% over the last day and 25% in the week while Polygon settled for 8% to trade at $1.67.