Open Loot by Big Time Studios Partners with Hit Factor’s War Park

Open Loot from Big Time Studios Partners with Hit Factor's War Park

The gaming industry has received another boost following Big Time Studio’s and Hit Factor’s agreement to work together. As a result of the partnership, Hit Factor’s recently developed web3 game (War Park) will be integrated with Open Loot, a web3 tool developed by Big Time Studios.

Hit Factor (HF) has a reputation in the game development space. Its leadership comprises industry veterans who’ve played significant roles in developing popular games like Kongregate, Zynga, NCSOFT, Riot and 5th Planet. They’ve also overseen entertainment companies and products and delivered over USD 1 billion in revenue.

The team is currently finalizing the release of its latest game—War Park. Given their partnership with Open Loot, gaming enthusiasts can expect a better experience.

Beyond their new release, the HF calendar is fully booked. Aside from building collaborative blockchain experiences, HF will also host weekly, monthly, and quarterly tournaments, Armored Conflict (Clan vs Clan), and server-wide world wars.

HF already has a proprietary, deterministic model to allow e-sports compatibility and accommodate a wide range of game modes. Further, Hit Factor intends to empower its community so that players will own assets inside of the game. To achieve that, HF will leverage OL. However, HF’s token strategy is still in its early development stage and will be announced as soon as it’s ready.


About Hit Factor

Hit Factor’s mission is to create unique games that the gaming community will be excited to play. The brains behind the excellent platforms include veterans and renowned gamers from gaming spaces including console, PC, and mobile.

Given the team’s vast experience and HF’s Games First mentality, the team has effortlessly developed some of the best community-driven multiplayer games. The platform is made for the modern gamer looking to unlock their creativity.