Online Events Change Your Crypto Project

Online Events Change Your Crypto Project

During the Covid-19 pandemic, some crypto projects, especially those just starting up, have been affected, as have conventional industries. However, the other side of the coin is that the demand for investors and fundraising is still at a high level.

To help projects with problems encountered from an investment and funding perspective, TokenMinds has come out with the new online roadshow/AMA service to build a communication bridge for crypto projects and investors. With this new solution, entrepreneurs can span the whole space and totally ignore the lockdown and cancellations of planned offline events by presenting their projects online and answering questions collected from investors to promote their understanding of the project. By making it all online, projects can avoid the impact of the pandemic from the stagnation of offline activities to make their projects known to new investors, expanding funding opportunities.

Why is it important to do online roadshows/AMAs?

The advantage of online events is that they allow thousands of potential investors to listen to your pitch about their most cared-about questions. Under normal circumstances, investors see a lot of projects and whitepapers every day, and It is difficult for them to understand the advantages and competitiveness of a given project. Many high-quality projects are passed up, so to make a project stand out, we need a different way to present its information, such as investor community content promotions and online AMAs.

An online roadshow/AMA is to allow investors to truly understand the project and make more accurate judgments regarding it. The significance of the online roadshow/AMA for crypto projects is obvious. The key is to understand the differences and skills necessary for the online roadshow to successfully obtain awareness and funding opportunities for your projects. The general online roadshow/AMA primarily includes the following four aspects.


Basic Marketing in advance for online AMA

The preparation work before the investor community content promo and online roadshow/AMA includes contacting the qualified investor communities and preparing high-quality promotional materials (e.g., event announcement, social media sharing). This is to ensure the success of the event and strive for as many people as possible to go online and participate in the event in time. TokenMinds has been working in the crypto marketing industry for over three years and has extensive experience in promotion and management. Our first step is to understand each project, and we will be responsible for all event arrangements and investor community communications, cooperating to complete content preparation and early-stage publicity.

Investor Community Content Promotion

Basic content marketing is an important concept that cannot be ignored. After preparing all the materials, choose high-quality investor communities for content marketing, so that thousands of potential investors can understand your project’s philosophy and advantages, which helps to expand project awareness. The services provided by TokenMinds include basic content marketing to reach over 150k+ potential investors.

Online AMA Organization

An AMA (Ask Me Anything) is one of the best solutions to bring investors and projects together and plays the most important role in the service we provide. It enables two parties to connect directly via the earlier promotions, and ten questions will be finally picked out in the form of face-to-face questioning and answering hosted by our experts in front of 20K+ investors.

Consultation and Reporting

TokenMinds provides a one-stop solution, including early graphic and content preparation, community communication, question collection, participation in the AMA, and optimizing any possible issues during the process to ensure that the whole project goes smoothly. During the project, TokenMinds reports the progress promptly, including the number of content marketing impressions and participants during online roadshows/AMAs, the number of clicks on marketing-related links, the interaction in the AMA, etc.

Summary: Although the world economy is facing instability and many industries have been affected, we still see the crypto market standing strong in the cold wind of the economic downturn. Investors’ enthusiasm for good projects has not faded. The solution presented here can effectively allow projects to optimize fundraising methods and expand product awareness in the current global situation.

About TokenMinds

TokenMinds, listed as one of the top 6 IEO marketing companies in 2019, has been analyzing the market and optimizing strategies per the recent world changes. We have a strong team of technical and professional experts as well as a deep network of connections that we harness to promote and grow your ICO/IEO/STO projects. We have helped over 35 projects with marketing and fundraising and raised over 75MM in the last 3 years. We provide PR & influencer marketing and fundraising services to projects like REMME ($20MM raised), BirdChain (1.5 MM raised), and Bezant ($27MM raised). 

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