Old Fashion Research (OFR)’s Crypto Veterans Acquires Premier NFT Collection, 0N1 Force

Old Fashion Research (OFR)'s Crypto Veterans Acquires Premier NFT Collection, 0N1 Force

Blockchain investment firm Old Fashion Research (OFR) has revealed that the crypto veterans it leads have joined forces with a comic-focused NFT collection, 0N1 Force.

According to the announcement, the crypto veterans had purchased the 0N1 Force NFT collection at an undisclosed amount. Nonetheless, the team has expressed excitement about the privilege of becoming owners of the premier NFT collection, 0N1 Force, especially because of its creative narratives.

The Managing Partner of Old Fashion Research, Ling Zhang, expressed the team’s delight in integrating with 0N1 Force saying, “we appreciate 0N1 Force’s creative narratives and its vision in building the comic-focused 0N1 Verse.”

Henry Finn to Become Group’s CEO

While it was noted that Henry Finn, also known as Starlordy, the current leader of the project, will emerge the position of the CEO of the group, Zhang acknowledged the positive effect of Starlordy’s leadership on the community. Zhang’s comment reads;

“0N1 Force has a vibrant and supportive community under Starlordy’s leadership, and we are excited to join the force to the core community to build a promising 0N1 Verse.”

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In return for this, Henry Finn expresses optimism and enthusiasm for the future of the 0N1 Force brand under new ownership, with a strong belief that it has the potential to succeed alongside other market leaders.

Finn’s disclosure about his pleasure and honour to continue serving the 0N1 Force community under new ownership suggest that he is confident and positive on the impacts of the new owners on the community. The potential CEO believes that the new owners’ vision and resources will provide a strong foundation for the 0N1 Force brand to reach its fullest potential, on par with any other top-performing company in the market.

Furthermore, the group have revealed plans to invest a substantial amount of money into the expanding 0N1 Force franchise, aiming to make it a top metaverse-native intellectual property. Their roadmap for 2023 includes several initiatives, such as a 50 ETH Artist Fund to assist community talent, a graphic novel series produced and guided by community members, and 0N1 Conclave, which will consist of influential members from both Web3 and Web2 communities committed to developing the brand.