Nomiswap DEX To Give Away About $50k In Prizes For Its Upcoming Contest of Video Reviews

Nomiswap DEX To Give Away About $50k In Prizes For Its Upcoming Contest of Video Reviews
Advertisement, a decentralized exchange (DEX), is holding a video review contest that offers almost $50,000 in prices.

Per the announcement, the contest will require participants to make videos for their YouTube channels telling their viewers about Nomiswap DEX. This video should have as many details as possible to guarantee the participants a higher chance of winning.  The video can be done in any language and should get over 25 views. In addition, participants can publish an additional task, an article about the exchange, to earn more points and increase their chances of winning.

The contestants will be judged based on their thoughtfulness, ownership, knowledge of the exchange interface, video quality, sound, creative aspect, and more. Participants can make their application until 11:59 pm UTC on August 10, 2022. The contest is open to all users, even those without prior video creation experience. Notably, during the last contest, all the winners were ordinary users, not top bloggers. 

There are 30 prizes to be won, offering a total of 50,000 Nominex Tokens (NMX), about $40,000. The first place winner will receive 10,000 NMX ($40,000), second place 7,000 NMX, third place 5,000 NMX, and the fourth place will get 3,000 NMX. The fifth winner will receive 2,000 NMX, sixth through ten places will get 1000 NMX, eleventh through 800 NMX, and 500 NMX for the twenty-first winner through thirty. 

Since its launch in January 2022, Nomiswap has been the first DEX platform on the market with a binary referral system and now ranks among the top 40 DEX in all blockchains by daily trading volume. A Nominex centralized exchange backs the platform. As a top BNB Smart Chain exchange, Nomiswap allows its users to farm more profits than other popular DEXs. Nomiswap also has the lowest transaction fees that can drop to zero percent. Users have access to Nomiswap’s team-farming option through a binary referral system.


The exchange offers utilitarian farming and staking, an unlimited referral program, holders’ bonuses, zero percent trading fees, and the highest APR on the market for common pools. Also, traders can enjoy trading fee cashback in NMX tokens.