Ninjas On Blockchain: Fight Evil With Ninja Warriors Meta As It Readies For Presale Rounds

Ninjas On Blockchain: Fight Evil With Ninja Warriors Meta As It Readies For Presale Rounds

Bringing a new paradigm in decentralized gaming, Ninja Warriors Meta breaks the industry standard of turn-based adventure and fighting games by introducing real-time dynamics.

With its fresh approach toward GameFi attributes, an effective dual token system, and top-grade graphics, Ninja Warriors Meta has recently completed its private sales with outstanding results.

Now, it opens its arms to the public with a two-phase presale.

$NWT Presale Details

The $NWT is the primary token within the Ninja Warriors Meta ecosystem. The token will be used for buying and selling Ninjas and their equipment (as NFTs), upgrading the ninja himself, and topping up his vitality.

A total of 900 million $NWT will create upward pressure on its price. The more people play the game, the more chances of it rising in value.


The private sale has seen 5% of the tokens (45 million) already grabbed up. Now, Ninja Warriors Meta offers people the opportunity to get in on the action too with its two presale rounds.

The first presale will see another 5% of tokens open up to registered participants for as little as $0.015. The first presale round will be followed by another one, this time the $NWT price bumped up to $0.017. However, more tokens will be in the second round (8%, or 72 million $NWT).

Ninja Warriors Meta Will Succeed Where Other GameFi Failed

One of the most important metrics for GameFi projects like Ninja Warriors Meta is the stability of token prices. Stable value means stability in game economics. On the other hand, without a value rise, there is little incentive for gamers and investors to hold tokens.

Ninja Warriors Meta overcomes this challenge with a dual token system. While $NWT will be acting as the main token, including for important functions within the platform, the $DBUSD will be the token players earn. The Dragon Ball USD is a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar.

This means that players will have consistent earnings even with price fluctuations of $NWT. Worry-free from wondering if their efforts are not going to crash, the gamers will concentrate on the game and its mission more, bringing long-term viability to the project.

Kato, The Last Ninja

Ninja Warriors Meta story is simple but extremely captivating. The lore revolves around Kato, the last ninja alive from his clan. Taught in the mystic and ancient warrior art by his father, he receives a message from a land far, far away.

Ravaged by an unspeakable evil, the residents call on him to come and free them from the oppressor. You, as Kato, will journey to the land and free the people.

The path is full of perils as you face resistance from NPCs and other players. The more you fight and win, the more powerful you become, eventually defeating the evil.

Multiple Gaming Modes

Ninja Warriors Meta will have several gaming modes.

The Demo mode will be a showcase, revealing the actual gameplay and as a precursor to the game, bringing in players to the actual game.

Solo gameplay will be a one-player mode, playing the missions alone without any help.

On the other hand, the Ninja Battles will encourage players to join the main game. PvP, it will see players pit their ninjas against each other.

The Full Play Mode will have all of the elements of the previous modes, along with a few extra features. 1 on 1, team battles and other tournaments will see players wager their $NWT, bringing them winnings every time they are victorious.

Ninja Warriors Meta will unveil its Android and iOS Move-to-Earn app in two months. The app will connect with user smart devices to record their activities, such as running, going to the gym and other movements, translating these into points that will be redeemable in $DBUSD.

The Ninja Warriors Meta presale registration is open, and you can sign up today to take part in the token sale event.