NFT Trading Platform LooBr Brings New Twist To The NFT Space

MetaRuffy Launches Cross-Chain Social-Network NFT-Marketplace

LooBr, a web3 `all-in-one`cross-chain marketplace for players, creators and traders of NFTs, is on the move to bring a new twist to the industry. The cross-chain minting platform has unveiled its set to take the creation, display, and trading of NFTs to a whole new level.

Amid the growing adoption of NFTs, LooBr has earned an incredible foothold in the industry, considering its unique and exclusive innovations. It is recognized as the first truly comprehensive marketplace that combines numerous media with highly advanced features on one site.

LooBr: A Revolutionary & Exclusive NFT Marketplace

LooBr has earned a remarkable spot in the NFT space considering its exclusive and remarkable features. The platform is likened to a work of art as it uniquely combines art with commerce.

According to a recent press release, LooBr is the second product of Dubai-based Meta Ruffy International FZCO. The platform was basically created to be the home of a wide variety of in-game assets, from wearable NFTs to event tickets and metaverse land plots.

LooBr features a revolutionary NFT marketplace that allows its users to enjoy a user-friendly cross-chain minting platform, including a fully developed and seamlessly integrated social media platform. Its exclusive features also include efficient security features of a third-party KYC option and end-to-end encryption.


With its social media features, LooBr provides users with a social feed where they can easily send direct messages to creators or other users and post their NFT in the social feed with a link to the listing. Users automatically see all relevant information associated with an NFT anytime they purchase as the likes, comments, and purchase history of an NFT stay with it when exchanged within LooBr.

LooBr recently launched a new feature dubbed “LooBr Stage”. LooBr Stage is a streaming service where voice and video chats can be scheduled with many public or private participants.

In addition to its exclusive features, LooBr has also created a DAO. The DAO enables the platform to give room for possible recommendations that could aid the further enhancement of the platform. The community then votes on these recommendations before they become effective.