NFT Project Orange Financial Debuts Innovative Yield Farming Treasury – Stablecoin Rewards for Holders

NFT Project Orange Financial Debuts Innovative Yield Farming Treasury - Stablecoin Rewards for Holders

The public mint date for Orange Financial, a multi-chain yield farming treasury, has been set for February 1, 2023. Orange Financial will change the face of yield farming and NFTs as the only project of its kind to offer stablecoin rewards to its holders through yield farming.

Orange Financial took a novel approach to generate income for its NFT holders and assembled a portfolio of DeFi assets and farming opportunities. Infusing in USDC is a safe and hassle-free option for diversification because the Treasury handles all compounding and harvesting on behalf of its holders and channels the returns back through USDC.

Treasury incentives are paid out in stablecoins rather than a native token, which is one of Orange Financial’s most appealing features. Therefore, users can receive a real yield from their holdings without having to risk losing money on their holdings due to market fluctuations. Treasury takes part in a wide variety of yield farming opportunities to maximize returns for its holders. Given that there is neither a native token nor a fixed interest rate, the Treasury’s payout schedule is entirely subject to market fluctuations and is published weekly for all to see.

Orange Financial is native to the Polygon blockchain, has a diversified DeFi Treasury, and does not require NFT holders to stake or interact with the platform after minting NFTs. Due to the fact that all USDC rewards are air-dropped directly to the wallet of each holder, taking part in yield farming is a breeze.

Orange Financial NFTs can be held in offline “cold wallets,” making them a practical and secure option for accessing stablecoin rewards. Orange Financial enables NFT holders to diversify into a basket of high-cost-of-entry-yield farming projects with a low entry barrier and no minimum stake requirement, reaping the compounding benefits of this diversification with no additional work.


Be sure to tune in on February 1, 2023, for the launch of Orange Financial, and stay tuned for updates on the company’s progress as we work to disrupt the DeFi industry and provide NFT holders with genuine profit potential.