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5 NFT Collections Gaining Traction In 2022

5 NFT Collections Gaining Traction In 2022

NFTs are a recent invention in the blockchain industry that has piqued our interest. For some, NFTs have the potential to disrupt the art and entertainment industries and the digital transformation of both intellectual and physical properties.

Today, we’ll highlight some of the most interesting projects in the NFT business for the current year. 

Yeti Yacht Club

An elite club awaits those who invest in the Yeti Yacht Club program. Exclusiveness is seen as a winning approach by the group. 

Investors frequently evaluate an NFT’s rarity when making a decision about it. The developers of Yeti Yacht Club believe that the club’s exclusivity and rarity will help it increase in popularity.

A “Club” is the focus of the team’s work. The benefits of this club will be available to all Yeti NFT owners. 

As part of the project’s development, a 600-person boat voyage to Monaco will be included in the club’s exclusive offer. Members and celebrities will be able to host parties and other gatherings on the team’s rented islands.

The Yeti Yacht Club and a group of MMO game developers called Sapphire Studios have joined forces. As a result of this agreement, the project will include an MMO game and the Metaverse system.

These creators have worked on a variety of online initiatives before. Thus, The Yeti Yacht Club’s founders are well-versed in the field. A pre-mint registration is being offered so that everyone may get their hands on these new NFTs before anybody else.

Twitter and Discord are the team’s primary social media outlets.

Crypto Baristas

In Season 1 of Crypto Barista, sixty caffeine-loving individuals were introduced, whose ownership led to the conception and launching of the World’s First NFT-Funded Café.

Owners of Crypto Baristas may enjoy free coffee for the rest of their life at any café or website they want. Additionally, the proprietors of the project hold the “Barista Bank,” a 15 percent reserve fund established from the enterprise’s profits.

The Crypto Barista initiative or a new business venture may all benefit from the Barista Bank.

Many NFT projects have governance, community, and ownership challenges that need to be addressed by this effort.

Every time a new coffee-related activity is introduced, all token holders profit and have a voice in the project’s governance.

The purpose of Crypto Baristas is to deliver a high-quality cup of coffee that directly helps the industry’s producers and stakeholders. It also aims to address social and environmental issues while developing new revenue streams.

Vee Friends

VeeFriends were first made available for purchase on the official website for the NFT collectible collection. Since then, these NFTs have only been made accessible on the secondary market through Ethereum-based NFT platforms like OpenSea. 

Utilizing VeeFriends has a distinct benefit since it has the full backing of a well-known businessman. Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk is now the Chairman of VaynerX and the Chief Executive Officer of VaynerMedia. He is renowned for embracing cultural and technology trends early on.

The greatest place to purchase VeeFriends NFTs right now is OpenSea. They used to be able to be bought straight from VeeFriends, but these days everything is done on the secondary market.

Veefriends’ entire 10,255 NFTs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and are accessible to everyone. Each of these pieces of art features distinct creatures with various backgrounds and rarity ratings. The cost of the NFT is mostly based on its rarity score. 

The NFTs from Veefriends are really helpful in the actual world. Every ticket holder is welcome to attend Veecon, Gary Vaynerchuk’s annual conference that draws thousands of participants, including several well-known business people.

FlyFish Club

Another of Gary Vaynerchuk’s projects, Flyfish Club (FFC), is the world’s first NFT private dining club for members. Private dining will be available to Flyfish New York City members in a 10,000+ square foot dining area.

The founders explained it costs 2.5 ETH to buy the normal Flyfish membership, while the Flyfish Omakase membership costs 4.25 ETH and gives you entrance to the omakase room.

If you have an ordinary Flyfish membership, you can reserve a table for eight non-token-holders. Only one additional person is allowed in the omakase room if you reserve a table for the same number of people at Flyfish. 

Because it’s an NFT membership, you may lease or sell your subscription whenever you choose. Like Gary Vaynerchuk’s previous undertakings (such as Vee Friends), the Flyfish membership is expected to increase in value over time. 


Play-to-earn football management game Dribblie features soccer players from throughout the world. Playing football is one of the best ways to make money, and NFTs allow you to make this dream come true.

Deflationary policies are a major focus of this NFT initiative. With a deflationary NFT ecosystem, assets are likely to gain in value over time. One of the game’s unique burning/staking methods is used to create a deflationary framework.

Dribblie has implemented a wide range of strategies in order to assist you in earning money while doing what you enjoy. 

Players are assigned a unique NFT based on the clothing they’re wearing and the race they represent in Dribblie. All players in the game have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, whether they be Titans, Humans, Robots, or Aliens.

Players will be able to exchange NFTs corresponding to in-game assets on the Dribblie marketplace. Gas fees will be completely removed while transaction costs are kept to a minimum.


Why RoboApe (RBA) and Zilliqa (ZIL) Are Worth Keeping Tabs On

Why RoboApe (RBA) and Zilliqa (ZIL) Are Worth Keeping Tabs On

Digital payment gateways and currencies have enveloped us for a long time. No one could have imagined the speed with which their uses in ordinary life are growing. Undoubtedly, the Bitcoin (BTC) industry is a significant contribution to this great success.

The cryptocurrency business has done a fantastic job of drawing potential buyers from around the world and developing a name for itself in the global market. For this reason, the sector has experienced a boost in its overall development and popularity, allowing it to achieve greatness. The majority of us already know that Bitcoin (BTC) is a blockchain-based platform that is fundamentally decentralized. 

However, most cryptocurrency prices are experiencing a huge downturn. This has led buyers and crypto enthusiasts to begin the search for the next big thing. If you’re a beginner or a long-term purchaser and you’re thirsty for knowledge, keep reading as this article will guide you through some intriguing cryptos; RoboApe (RBA) and Zilliqa (ZIL).

RoboApe (RBA)

RoboApe (RBA) is a meme token aiming to disrupt the cryptocurrency and DeFi industries. It is a deflation token, meaning that a portion of the fee income will be burnt and withdrawn from distribution forever.

RoboApe (RBA) intends to use its token to give a variety of earnings. Transactions on the system will be charged a small cost, with a proportion of that amount being returned to current token holders. The network has devised a fantastic incentive scheme to encourage individuals to retain the token for an extended period. RoboApe (RBA) intends to merge the meme community with the DeFi space, believing this would benefit its token holders and token holders tremendously.

RoboApe runs solely by meme fans and will offer a diverse selection of memes to enjoy. It includes the ability for users to create their own. NFT aficionados will ‌mint NFTs and sell them on the RoboApe marketplace.

Zilliqa (ZIL)

Zilliqa (ZIL) has announced the start of a new consultancy network that will look for cross-vertical initiatives to buy into. In this approach, Zilliqa (ZIL) is one of several rival cryptocurrencies attempting to build a decentralized application (dApp) and cryptocurrency ecosystem similar to Ethereum (ETH), TRON (TRX), and EOS.

The Web3 Alliance, which will be an add-on to the current Zilliqa (ZIL) team, will allow users to sound out ideas and potential across various platforms. ZIL will compensate the user who gave the advice if it is effective and leads to a purchase. These benefits are fantastic for both users and the Zilliqa ecosystem, and this draws new investors and has a favorable impact on the platform‌.

RoboApe (RBA) and Zilliqa (ZIL) continue to wow the industry with their excellent abilities. With their network’s blend of flexibility, stability, and automation, users and buyers should be eager to get this.

With cryptocurrency prices currently suffering, it is best to look out for new and upcoming tokens in order to insulate your crypto purchases. As RoboApe (RBA) is currently in its presale stage, it could be worth following their latest updates for the project.

Learn more about RoboApe (RBA) here:

Presale: presale.roboape.io/register

Website: roboape.io

Telegram: https://t.me/ROBOAPE_OFFICIAL


El Salvador’s Losses Swell Even As President Nayib Bukele Adds Another $1.5 Million Bitcoin

El Salvador’s Losses Swell Even As President Nayib Bukele Adds Another $1.5 Million Bitcoin

El Salvador, the world’s first nation to have given bitcoin legal tender status, has taken advantage of the recent sharp decline in the asset’s price, putting the total number of BTC it owns at over 2301 BTC.

“Thank You For Selling Cheap”

Today, the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, notified the public via tweet that the country had purchased 80 bitcoin at $19,000 each, seemingly undeterred by the latest BTC price dive.

“Bitcoin is the future. Thank you for selling cheap,” Bukele said, adding screenshots of 80 bitcoin buys made on June 30, which cost the Latin American nation $1.52 million.

El Salvador formally adopted bitcoin as a legal tender on September 7 last year, when the flagship cryptocurrency was valued at around $50K. Bukele’s government has continually bought BTC ever since despite sharp criticism from U.S. lawmakers, the banking industry, crypto industry pundits, and the International Monetary Fund — as well as demonstrations against Bitcoin adoption by his own citizens.

El Salvador Is Down Bad On Its Bitcoin Gamble

Its last accumulation of bitcoin was in May when it bought 500 bitcoins at an average price of 30,744 for a total of $15.3 million. The nation’s millennial, bitcoin-loving president Bukele has spent nearly $104 million on BTC in total. However, the country’s bitcoin treasury has a value of around $44 million today. That’s 57% less than what Bukele paid for the coins.

Since its record high of $69,044.77 in November 2021, Bitcoin has lost 71.8% of its value, currently trading at $19,447.66, according to data from CoinGecko.

BTCUSD Chart by TradingView

Earlier this month, El Salvador’s finance minister Alejandro Zelaya noted that the market correction posed an “extremely minimal” risk to the cash-strapped country, adding that the alleged multi-billion-dollar loss on its holdings represented less than 0.5% of its national budget.

President Bukele will likely continue tweeting when he purchases more bitcoin. He has previously indicated that he makes the trades on his phone, naked.


Binance’s CZ Says Michael Saylor ‘Will Have The Last Laugh’ As MicroStrategy Buys Even More Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Is Now Paying Its Board Of Directors In Bitcoin Instead Of Dollars
  • MicroStrategy added to its Bitcoin holdings with a new purchase of 480 Bitcoins.
  • Binance’s CEO noted that MicroStrategy’s move will pay off in the future.
  • The markets have been struggling in recent weeks under the weight of unsavory macroeconomic conditions.

MicroStrategy’s move to keep stacking Bitcoins in light of the bearish crypto sentiments has drawn jeers from critics. However, the founder of the world’s largest crypto exchange gave a big thumbs up to the purchase.

Keep stacking sats, Saylor

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy took to Twitter to announce the purchase of more Bitcoin by his company. The software firm bolstered its holdings by 480 bitcoins for a combined sum of $10 million.

Each BTC was purchased at an average price of $20,817 and brings MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin holdings to an impressive 129,699 Bitcoins. MicroStrategy adopted the strategy of buying the dip over the last two years with the entire cache of Bitcoin owned by the firm costing $3.98 billion to acquire.

The firm put the US Securities and Exchange Commission on notice with a Form 8-K filing on June 29. The latest purchase means that Saylor’s firm holds 1 Bitcoin out of every 161 Bitcoins that will ever be in existence.

The buy raised eyebrows as it took place at a time when the crypto market is shivering under the blistering cold of a bear market. A cross-section of crypto users poked fun at the company’s decision to buy more Bitcoin when it was tethering on the brink of financial distress.

“If you’re having a bad day in the markets, at least you don’t have Michael Saylor’s portfolio,” said Justin Waite of the Vox Podcast taking swipes at MicroStrategy’s losses.

Binance boss supports the move

While the critics jeered, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance swung to Michael Saylor’s defense. He noted that in the end, the decision to acquire more Bitcoins would be an added advantage for the company in the long run.

“Many may laugh at him now, but Saylor will get the last laugh in time,” wrote Zhao. “Bookmark this tweet.”

Following the steep drop in Bitcoin’s prices, there were reports of the firm getting a margin call at $21,000. The firm’s Chief Financial Officer revealed back in May that “Bitcoin needs to cut in half or around $21,000 before we’d have a margin call.” It remains unclear whether the firm responded to the call but analysts deduce that the new purchase points towards a strong resolve to stick with Bitcoin to the end.

MicroStrategy borrowed $205 million from Silvergate Bank to acquire Bitcoin in March and at the moment, the company’s Bitcoin business is recording losses northwards of $1.5 billion.


Yield App And Unstoppable Domains Join Forces To Offer Fully Customizable NFT Domains

Yield App And Unstoppable Domains Join Forces To Offer Fully Customizable NFT Domains

Yield App and Unstoppable Domains are excited to announce their partnership, allowing customers access to free, fully customizable NFT domains.

As per the announcement, the partnership will see Yield App wallets fully integrated with Unstoppable Domains, allowing users to link their wallets to their personalized NFT domain. Users will no longer need multiple crypto wallets and blockchains through this partnership. The Unstoppable Domain NFT domain will provide users with one simple and easily readable name that customers can use to send and receive over 275 coins and tokens. These domains serve as a user’s digital identity across the Web3 community. The Unstoppable Domain, unlike other Web3 domains, is owned for life, and users are not required to pay any registration or renewal fees.

Notably, as part of the integration, the two companies are offering Yield App Silver Tier members and above who have over 1000 of Yield Apps’s native token $YLD stakes a free $40 NFT domain, with Diamond Tier customers being offered an additional free domain worth $100. 

While commenting on the partnership, Adrien Geneste, the Chief Marketing Officer of Yield App, said:

“We’re thrilled to announce this partnership with Unstoppable Domains, which marks another step on our journey to make digital wealth management as effortless and secure as possible. The free NFT domains we are giving away in partnership with Unstoppable Domains will simplify their Web3 journey and underpin our commitment to continue adding value to our tier membership program. With the help of Unstoppable Domains, our customers can stake a claim on their Web3 identities and enjoy all the benefits this exciting space has to offer.”

Yield is a wealth platform and a global fintech company that has managed to gain over 80,000 since 2021. The company is designed to earn yields on digital assets through its intrusive web platform and mobile app. On the other hand, Unstoppable Domains is an NFT domain name producer created to onboard users into the Web3 era.

Adrien Geneste will be joining Phil Johnston, Unstoppable Domains’ Head of Europe, and Phil Johnston, Unstoppable Domain Business Leader, for an AMA session at 14:00 UTC on July 8, 2022. The AMA session will be held on Unstoppable Domains Twitter space to discuss more on their partnership.

Sajjad Rehman, Head of Europe at Unstoppable Domains, added:

“We are excited to be partnering with Yield App in enabling their mission of making earning opportunities accessible to all. The integration with Unstoppable Domains will simplify the crypto transactions for Yield App users and get them started on their journey into Web3.”


How Big Eyes (BIG), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Uniswap (UNI) Strategically Brand their Blockchain Networks

How Big Eyes (BIG), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Uniswap (UNI) Strategically Brand their Blockchain Networks

With over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, it is difficult for blockchain networks to distinguish themselves. The market is in a state of oversaturation due to having a high amount of coins. However, this is also positive as buyers have a variety of tokens to choose from. Crypto has seen better days, with the past two months resulting in established blockchain networks such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and Terra (LUNA) declining in value. 

So how do blockchain networks recover from this deterioration, and what attracts people to particular crypto coins? There are multiple answers to this open-ended question. One of the main factors drawing anyone towards a brand is its logo – something that is frequently overlooked by the audience but strategically crafted by the creators themselves. This probes another question, is minimalism or maximalism the best way when it comes to branding?

Why Keeping It Simple Works 

There is an element of overthinking regarding designing a brand in any sector, whether it’s crypto, fashion, beverages, or food. At times, simplicity is what works best when it comes to constructing a logo. Seemingly, this is an ethos that many of these developers for upper-echelon blockchain networks use when constructing their icons. Take Bitcoin (BTC), which smartly fuses the dollar sign ($) and letter B while incorporating a bright orange background. Arguably, this design can be viewed as one that did not require much thought, as it’s adding the first letter of the network with the dollar sign. 

However, the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto’s branding instantly attracted people, leading it to maintain itself as the most successful crypto project since its inception in 2009. BTC is also responsible for pioneering the wave of cryptocurrencies and starting the revolution of web 3. Of course, there is much more to its success than its logo, but it is undeniable that the elegance and minimalism of Bitcoin’s icon are somewhat responsible for the attraction of individuals. 

How Maximising Colours Leads to Attraction

Contrastingly, there are blockchain networks that use maximalism as a strategy to entice their audience. The established trading protocol Uniswap (UNI) has a bright pink unicorn as its mascot – a fictional creature that is often associated with fantasy novels and films. This is a striking image that undoubtedly attracted many to its currency, as UNI currently ranks twentieth in profitability on CoinMarketCap. Furthermore, meme coins are cryptos that are well-known for their eccentric branding, usually based on viral images and internet memes. Similar to Bitcoin, Dogecoin (DOGE) pioneered the way for cryptocurrencies when it launched in 2013, using the ‘doge’ meme as its logo – an image that shows a Shiba Inu dog glancing at the camera with monologues surrounding it. This light-hearted characteristic for meme coins has caused their popularity to grow significantly – with DOGE being the positioned tenth on CoinMarketCap.

Upcoming crypto that plans to entice its audience through its cute characteristics is Big Eyes (BIG) – a coin that differentiates itself from other meme coins by having an anime-style cat with large pupils as its mascot. Using this animal as a mascot contrasts with the traditional branding of meme coins, which primarily identify themselves through the use of dogs.

BIG plans to stand out by shifting wealth into the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem while donating 5% of its earnings to ocean-based charities. Using the Japanese animation to construct its mascot increases the likelihood of Big Eyes reaching a wider audience and potentially attracting the attention of buyers in Japan – who have an estimate of 3.1 million crypto accounts in 2021 according to Statista.

More information on Big Eyes:

Website: https://www.bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BigEyesCoin 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BigEyesCoin/  

Disclaimer: The ‘Crypto Cable’ section features insights by crypto industry players and is not part of ZyCrypto’s editorial content. ZyCrypto does not endorse any company or project on this page. Readers should conduct their own independent research before taking any actions related to the company, product, or project mentioned in this piece.


Bitcoin Whales Filling Their Bags In Bullish Sign As BTC Balance On Exchanges Hits Critical Low

Why Whales' Movements Have Yet to Fully Reflect on Bitcoin's Price Action

After withstanding a string of chaotic weeks, Bitcoin managed to battle bears with the last “weekly” candle signaling a possible relief rally. Since dropping to a multi-year low of $17,622 about ten days ago, the price managed to recapture $21,750 before being stopped in its tracks over the weekend.

Experts have attributed last week’s strength to a plethora of micro indicators which suggest the market could be in the deepest phases of this bear cycle.

Exchange Outflows Surge, HODLers Stay steadfast

With Bitcoin’s price plunging below $20K, on-chain metrics depict an increased level of buying activity as investors perceive they are getting a bargain. Whales (holding over 10K BTC) and shrimps (less than 1 BTC) have particularly been adding meaningfully to their on-chain balance throughout June as depicted by the “Accumulation Trend Score” metric which has continued to return high values above 0.9 throughout the month.

Moreover, a significant number of investors have heeded calls to withdraw their assets from exchanges in an attempt to lower the risk of selling. According to data from on-chain analytics firm Glassnode, roughly 8,755 BTC, worth over $181,669,752 million (in today’s price) were withdrawn from crypto exchanges in the last few days.


On Monday, Glassnode also published a report that shows The Reserve Risk Metric has also plunged to all-time lows. “This metric is heavily weighed down when there is an excess of HODLing behaviour,” the firm wrote. The metric plunging to new lows, this indicates that Bitcoin investors generally remain steadfast in holding onto their coins despite the asset’s price suffering a painful beatdown this year.

What Next?

That said, despite investors experiencing a long overdue, but classic capitulation in June, driven mostly by 2020-2021 investors, it is still unclear whether this is the rear of Bitcoin’s bear cycle. According to Gareth Soloway, president and CFO IntoTheMoneyStocks, BTC’s price could experience a relief rally to $25,500 or even $28,000 “in the very near term.” He however warns that it could plunge further given that we are still in the larger bear market phase.

“This is still a bear market… the charts are still pointing to overall further downside,” Gareth told Stansberry Research’s Daniela Cambone in an interview Tuesday.

Elsewhere, on-chain metrics expert Ali Martinez believes that for Bitcoin to advance further to the upside, the price has to close above $21,820. He bases his argument on the fact that there aren’t any significant supply barriers ahead. “BTC also needs to keep $20,800 as support for the bullish outlook to be validated. If not then expect a downswing to $19,000,” Ali Tweeted on Monday.

As of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $19,170 after a 4.23% decrease in the past 24 hours. 


Grayscale Flips The Script And Sues The SEC After Spot Bitcoin ETF Plan Rejection

Grayscale Flips The Script And Sues The SEC After Spot Bitcoin ETF Plan Rejection

Crypto asset manager Grayscale — which stewards over $43 billion in cryptocurrencies — has filed a lawsuit against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shortly after the federal securities watchdog tossed out its application to convert its flagship Bitcoin Trust into a bitcoin exchange-traded fund, or ETF.

Grayscale Takes SEC To Court

The SEC rejected Grayscale’s application late Wednesday on the grounds that it did not do enough to shield investors from “fraudulent and manipulative acts and practices.”

The SEC also cited concerns about the lack of a surveillance-sharing agreement between a listing exchange and a regulated market of significant size that it believes is necessary to “detect and deter fraudulent and manipulative activity”, something that the regulator has reiterated over the years when denying other similar crypto-backed spot EFT applications.

A few hours after the SEC announced its decision, Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein took to Twitter to announce the company had lodged a legal challenge against the regulator.

In the “petition for review” filing with the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the world’s biggest digital asset manager is contesting the agency’s decision to block the conversion of the GBTC vehicle to a spot bitcoin EFT.

“Grayscale supports and believes in the SEC’s mandate to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets and facilitate capital formation — and we are deeply disappointed by and vehemently disagree with the SEC’s decision to continue to deny spot Bitcoin ETFs from coming to the U.S. market,” Sonnenshein posited in a Wednesday press release.

Grayscale applied to transform shares of its GBTC into a physically-backed fund in October 2021. The investment firm even rolled out a campaign to garner support to convince the SEC to approve its application. Reportedly, over 11,400 comments have been submitted to the regulatory body so far, with 99.96% of those comments in support of the spot bitcoin ETF. 

Ruling In Lawsuit Likely Within 12 Months

Grayscale first revealed it was ready to sue the agency in case of rejection in May this year. The company then hired former U.S. Solicitor General, Donald B. Verrilli, Jr., in readiness for a potential spat with the SEC.

While GBTC is supposed to trade relatively close to the actual price of BTC, it’s presently trading at a 27% discount. This means that it’s considerably cheaper to buy than actual bitcoin — good for investors yet to get in, but not too good for those whose shares are locked up. 

By converting the trust into the sought-after spot bitcoin ETF, Grayscale expects to rectify the discount and allow it to levy lower fees, subsequently making it easier for customers to move money in and out of the fund.

Nonetheless, the SEC — headed by chair Gary Gensler — appears convinced that the possible detriments to investors and the public overshadow the obvious benefits of approving Grayscale’s ETF application. Whether the U.S. Court of Appeals concurs with the SEC is anyone’s guess. 

Meanwhile, Grayscale’s Sonnenshein told CNBC that the case heads straight to the appellate court due to the fact that the defendant is a government regulator. He hopes judgment will be passed within nine to twelve months.


Cryptostone (CPS) Token Debuts On XT.com Exchange

Cryptostone (CPS) Token Debuts On XT.com Exchange

The Dubai-based, rapidly expanding cryptocurrency exchange XT.com is pleased to add the Cryptostone (CPS) token to its extensive trading platform. Additionally, CPS will be offered under the Main Zone with the trade pairs CPS/USDT and CPS/BTC.

On June 29, 2022, at 11:00, CPS holders can begin depositing their tokens on XT.com (UTC). Trading will begin on June 30 at 11:00 (UTC), and withdrawal will be possible on July 3 at 11:00 (UTC) (UTC).

CPS serves as the foundational unit of exchange for the Cryptostone ecosystem and is built on the Binance Smart Chain network. Decentralized user exchange will take place using the token as the medium of exchange. In light of this, CPS seeks to offer consumers both inside and outside the ecosystem a very secure and practical method of settlement.

In a nutshell, Cryptostone is a financial ecosystem built on the blockchain that is disruptive, completely anonymous, and KYC-free. It provides a wide range of services, including a cryptocurrency payment gateway, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, an ICO launchpad, a public blockchain network, a decentralized worldwide stock market, and more.

We are excited to announce the listing of Cryptostone (CPS) coin on XT.com following this new listing, said Mo Mukarram, Head of Marketing at XT.com. There are other tokens that will eventually be featured on our site. Our data-driven approach enhances the technical analysis that underpins trading on XT.com. We kindly request that everyone start trading CPS token with XT right now and make the most of this listing.

Overall, the XT.com team keeps reminding traders to take advantage of this new opportunity to expand their trading portfolio. The possibilities for growth are limitless when a new cryptocurrency is listed on the exchange.


Zero Bullish Catalysts For Cardano, Solana, XRP As Bitcoin Risks Crashing To $12,000

Winklevoss Bros’ Gemini Trims 10% Of Workforce Amid Bear Market Woes

The crypto markets have been range-bound for weeks despite relatively attractive prices as economic concerns remain. On Thursday, the markets again retreated, erasing gains made in the last few days.

Bitcoin Retreats Below $20k, Dragging Major Alts Along

Despite showing some bullish pressure over the weekend, the crypto markets slumped on Thursday. The markets continue to move in a range in the face of economic concerns and regulatory uncertainty.

The number one digital asset by market cap, Bitcoin again slipped below the $20k price level, dropping by 6% and trading around the $19,186 price point. Ethereum, its closest competitor for dominance, is down by 8.45% in the last 24 hours, trading around the $1025 price point.

Other major altcoins like Cardano (ADA ), Solana (SOL), and XRP are trading over 10% lower with no clear bullish impulse on the horizon.

Notably, while some analysts believe that the bottom may be in for Bitcoin as it continues to trade within the tight range formed in mid-May, the markets appear to be lacking a catalyst to sustain a push to the upside. On the other hand, veteran trader Peter Brandt believes the markets can go even lower.

As reported by ZyCrypto, the seasoned trader thinks an 80% price drop (to circa $12k) for the fourth time since 2011 isn’t out of the question. Similarly, in a tweet, the trader also highlighted that Ethereum is forming a descending triangle pattern that could see the asset break lower.

Crypto Firms Are Downsizing And Bitcoin Miners Are Selling

As the market correction continues, to deal with losses and brace for the ‘crypto winter,’ crypto firms have had to cut down on staff. Gemini and Coinbase are among the big names that announced plans to downsize in the face of the turbulent economic climate.

Similarly, Bitcoin miners with a reputation for ‘hodling’ a majority of their mined Bitcoin are being forced to sell, adding to the bearish pressure in the market. Consequently, mined Bitcoin flow to exchanges has reached January record highs.

However, it is not all gloom and doom for Bitcoin despite all of these. It is worth noting that Bitcoin ETFs have continued to see inflows in the last couple of weeks, with inflows last week totaling $129 million, a sign that investors still see some upside for the nascent market. Moreover, investment bank, JPMorgan, believes that BTC is currently undervalued, with crypto markets, in general, having more room for an upswing.


LBank Crypto Exchange Weekly Listing Report — June 27, 2022

LBank Crypto Exchange Weekly Listing Report — June 27, 2022

LBank remains committed to giving its consumers top-notch projects to take part in as a top-tier digital asset exchange. Here is LBank Exchange’s weekly report, which includes a summary of last week’s listings as well as this week’s exciting new listings. This report gives users more details to help them comprehend these special chances.

New Listings on LBank Exchange

Project: GTX

Listing date: 27th June

Official Website: http://xibitio.com


GTX resolves this issue through the Indicator system. So, GTX members can use services or buy goods cheaply and owners can sell their services or goods more to GTX members and GTX can give the right of business with the license, members earn profits.

Project: BIBL

Listing date: 28th June

Official Website: https://bibl-coin.com/


Bible Coin is a cryptocurrency project that aims to provide solutions to the concerns of the modern church. Throughout the years, the church has faced difficulties that range from having insufficient funds for missions to donations being stolen or mismanaged. By the use of blockchain technology, Bible Coin (BIBL) introduces custom solutions to overcome such matters.

Project: SENSO

Listing date: 28th June

Official Website: https://sensoriumxr.com/


Sensorium Galaxy is a digital metaverse where users can enjoy a hyper-visual and multisensory experience enhanced by cutting-edge virtual reality and artificial intelligence technology. This opens an infinite realm of entertainment possibilities anchored on high-quality content, dynamic neural network integration and advanced social mechanics, including groundbreaking AI-generated data.

Project: ARI10

Listing date: 29th June

Official Website: https://sensoriumxr.com/


Ari10 – providers of the easiest crypt-fiat gateways for B2C & B2B in the crypto space. Creating ecosystem of crypto products (130+ stationary crypto points of sales with Cryptoterminal devices, Ari10 Exchange, Cryptowidget, and Dedicated Payment gateway for B2B entities). Owning ARI10 token allows Ari10 investors, customers and merchants to receive discounts while using core products. By staking tokens, they can enter whale club, get seed & private allocations, and collect token airdrops.

Project: LOOT

Listing date: 29th June

Official Website: https://meethailey.io/


Lootex is a player-centric cross-chain NFT trading platform that shares the latest blockchain game info. We are devoted to building a gamer focused marketplace where gamers can easily browse, trade, and buy items across multiple blockchains.

Project: DSP

Listing date: 30th June

Official Website: https://delioswap.finance/#/swap


DSP token plays a major role in the crypto asset services of Delio such as APY bearing wallet, cryptocurrency lending, cash loans, NFT marketplace, and virtual asset management, collectively named as Delio Services. In addition to the major governance functions in the ecosystem, DSP rewards and DSP-backed financial products are under further development.

Project: HLN

Listing date: 30th June

Official Website: https://holonus.io/


Holonus is blockchain-based best ecosystem platform for the next generation with a view to creating an economic zone based on the DAO.

Holonus aims to create a system that allows even those who are not so literate (e.g., minors) to participate in economic activities.

That is, “Anyone can easily create DApps on the blockchain with no code, even if they have no programming knowledge!” This is what we are aiming for.

The more DApps that are created, the more economic activity will increase, and the stronger the Holonus network will become.

Project: NBLS

Listing date: 1st July

Official Website: https://nblscoin.co.kr/


The rapidly increasing focus on digital assets is one of the more fascinating trends shaping the way people invest their money. The current macroeconomic environment requires diversification in non-correlated, and so far, untapped performance pools. However, it is still cumbersome to get professional, regulated, and bankable access to this new asset class as a company.

NBLS changes everything, allowing investors to participate in the emerging digital asset class with professional, regulated, liquid, and transparent exposure and assured guidance from a team of investing specialists.

Summary of Last Week’s Listings – June 20th to June 26th, 2022

Name: MINE

Weekly gain: 3%

Official Website: https://space-mine.io

Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/mine/usdt/#innovation

Name: HAL

Official Website: https://meethailey.io/

Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/hal/usdt/#innovation

Name: G

Weekly gain: 137%

Official Website: https://grngrid.com/

Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/g/usdt/#innovation

Name: MLP

Weekly gain: 32%

Official Website: https://myliquiditypartner.com/

Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/mlp/usdt/#innovation

Name: T

Weekly gain: 98%

Official Website: https://threshold.network/

Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/t/usdt/#innovation


Weekly gain: 399%

Official Website: https://ethica-x.io

Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/ethica/usdc/#innovation


Weekly gain: 321%

Official Website: https://www.mintme.com

Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/mintme/usdt/#usd


Weekly gain: 118%

Official Website: https://www.revoland.com/#/

Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/revoland/usdt/#usd

Name: WLKN

Weekly gain: 367%

Official Website: https://walken.io/

Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/wlkn/usdt/#innovation

Name: COB

Official Website: https://www.cityofblock.com/en

Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/cob/usdt/#innovation


LBank Exchange Lists Global Trading Xenocurrency (GTX)

LBank Exchange Lists Global Trading Xenocurrency (GTX)

On June 27, 2022, Global Trading Xenocurrency (GTX), a platform for trading digital assets globally, will be listed on LBank Exchange. The GTX/USDT trading pair will become formally accessible to all LBank Exchange customers at 16:00 (UTC+8) on June 27, 2022.

Global Trading Xenocurrency (GTX) holds a dominant position in the global market by integrating products through mergers and acquisitions and offering services like the right of business, indicators system, and more. As a global firm, GTX seeks to buy and integrate businesses that have future worth. On June 27, 2022, at 16:00 (UTC+8), its native token GTX will be published on LBank Exchange, furthering its global reach and assisting it in realizing its objective.

Introducing Global Xenocurrency Trading

Global Trading Xenocurrency (GTX), a company that was founded in 2019, has evolved into one that works with multiple businesses not just in Korea but also throughout the world and acts as a link between operators and members.

By thoroughly managing the necessary money and new clients through the centralized system, GTX assists new businesses in making their operations simpler and more accurate. It also creates a smoother and more perfect market for customers to acquire a variety of goods.

The GTX token will grow the ecosystem through mergers and acquisitions of potential enterprises rather than starting a new business and running it. This is due to the fact that combining products from companies with promise allows for the creation of synergy, which increases success while lowering risk for the business. Beyond national borders, it will buy and merge businesses that have the ability to complement every nation’s culture and policies globally.

Additionally, GTX offers various benefits and supports to all of the company’s members through the membership system, including mobile phones, Internet + IPTV, rental shopping malls, beauty and diet shops, I-bot, a system for people to trade with a signature of the price trend of all coins, and it works to foster open communication and a welcoming environment between all operators and clients.

In GTX, there is also an indicators system and a right of the business system. By determining the price of the coin paid for the product, the indicator system enables consumers to profit from buying a product whether the price of the coin increases or decreases. With an indication system, the drawbacks of coins with significant fluctuations can be eliminated.

Members who purchase a single business license at an indication value can use it for the rest of their lives to make purchases at a discounted price and use the right of business to generate income from their sales operations. Additionally, GTX will keep growing its business rights, which will continue to be advantageous to both current and potential members.


Choise.com Token (CHO) Listed on LBank Exchange

Choise.com Token (CHO) Listed on LBank Exchange

Choise.com Token (CHO) has been launched on LBank Exchange, a global trading platform for digital assets, as of June 24, 2022. The CHO/USDT trading pair is now legitimately accessible to all LBank Exchange users.

Choise.com’s in-house DeFi ecosystem, Charism, developed as the first MetaFi ecosystem in the world to simplify the usage of DeFi devices, making the procedure simple, dependable, and error-proof. With its earn products, it hopes to give over 100 million CeFi cryptocurrency users access to cross-chain high yield and lower commissions by up to 50 times. On June 24, 2022, at 20:00 (UTC+8), its native token Choise.com Token (CHO) was listed on LBank Exchange in an effort to broaden its reach internationally and support the realization of its objective.

Welcome to Choise.com

A cutting-edge cryptocurrency solution called Choise.com integrates all the benefits of CeFi and DeFi (centralized and decentralized financial) services into a single framework. Users will be exposed to DeFi products much more easily, reliably, and skillfully because of this link between the CeFi and DeFi user bases. The new, internal DeFi platform Charism, a collection of products that includes a non-custodial wallet, cross-chain bridges, NFTs, transaction builder, and other solutions, is at the core of Choise.com.

Anyone – even a crypto newbie — will be able to use farming, decentralized exchanges, liquidity pools, and other functions at the touch of a button thanks to such connectivity. Without requiring consumers to switch blockchains or install an unlimited number of programs, Charismwill makes it easy to achieve hitherto unattainable solutions. A single, editable app interface houses everything.

With only a touch of a button, Choise.com offers hassle-free access to DeFi assets, high-yield DeFi instruments, and the coin they’ve never heard of at CEX for CeFi customers. Users of CeFi can switch between CeFi and DeFi wallets without any issues, and they can reduce transaction costs by up to 50 times. Choise.com also offers a DeFi full aggregator, which serves as a centralized access point for a number of DeFi protocols and blockchain networks, as well as Charism bridges, which make it possible for users of DeFi to communicate with one another’s chains in an easy and straightforward manner.

Choise.com was founded by the Crypterium team, a group of 160+ experts with a proven track record of developing CeFi solutions. Choise.com continues to be a one-click entry point for CeFi users into the DeFi arena, offering triple-digit APYs with no fuss. Choise.com DAO will be established to oversee the ecosystem in the meantime, with CHO coin enabling utility, governance, and promotion mechanics.


Cardano Finally Inches Towards ‘Game-Changing’ Vasil Mainnet Upgrade With New Proposal

ADA Positioned For Huge Upturn Even As Hotly Anticipated Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Is Deferred
  • Cardano’s dev team has proposed a hard fork to bring the network closer to the Vasil mainnet upgrade.
  • The upgrade has been hailed as the “biggest and best” Cardano has undergone so far.
  • The Vasil hardfork was pushed back as a result of “non-severe” bugs with a new date scheduled to be unveiled.

Cardano wants to live up to its reputation as an Ethereum killer but there have been a few hitches along the way. However, community members are ecstatic over a proposal that will usher in the long-awaited Vasil upgrade.

Starting the countdown

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the team behind Cardano’s development took to Twitter to announce that it had submitted a proposal to hard fork the Cardano testnet. The move is designed to begin the countdown for the widely anticipated Vasil mainnet upgrade.

If everything goes according to plan, the changes will take effect on July 3 at epoch 215 and the Cardano testnet will “enjoy the new Vasil enhancements and capabilities” before going live on the mainnet. Vasil was named after the late Vasil St Dabov, an integral member of the Cardano community with impressive contributions under his belt.

IOHK stated that everything is ready for the testnet hard fork as it has a “good chain density to proceed”. The team revealed that it would be approaching the process with caution to maintain an exemplary level of safety.

“It is also the most complex program of work we’ve undertaken,” IOHK said in a statement. “And the whole community is involved. As shared previously, our prime concern is ensuring we manage this upgrade in a way that is safe and secure.”

To ensure a smooth operation, a minimum window of four weeks will be given to team members to test Vasil on the testnet before upgrading to the mainnet. Reports of the proposal sent a small jolt through ADA’s price to trade at $0.4737.

Vasil will be a game-changer

The Vasil hardfork has been hailed for the improvements that it will bring to the network. A higher throughput through diffusion pipelining and enhanced script performance to improve developer experience are widely anticipated.

For investors, the hard fork is expected to trigger a rally for the asset’s price that has borne the brunt of the massive declines of crypto prices while community members see the move as a forerunner to the blockchain’s Basho era.

The Vasil hardfork was delayed by a month after being scheduled to take place on June 29. The delay was a result of seven “non-severe” bugs that the team had to resolve before moving forward, according to Nigel Hemsley, IOHK’s head of delivery and project.