Mysterious Deaths Of Crypto Billionaires Brew Panic In The Community

Mysterious Deaths Of Crypto Billionaires Brew Panic In The Community

The crypto community has had to bear one of the coldest crypto winters in the sector’s history this past year. However, nothing has been as chilling to them as the unexplained deaths of some wealthy crypto holders.

Interestingly, the death of 4 crypto billionaires towards the end of 2022, all in less than a month, has left the crypto community scratching their heads and sparked fierce rumours of crypto-related conspiracies.

On October 29, young crypto pioneer Nikolai Mushegian was found dead on a Puerto Rican beach just hours after tweeting that intelligence agencies CIA and Mossad were after him. However, his family noted that the 29-year-old had been battling mental health issues and that there was no foul play.

Then on November 22, Javier Biosca, the man at the centre of Spain’s biggest probe into cryptocurrency fraud, was found dead in Estepona. Biosca, who until his death had been staying with his wife and son at a retreat in the Costa del Sol town, is said to have fallen to his death after he went out onto the terrace.

The next day, Nov 23, Tiantian Kullander, founder of Hong Kong-based crypto company Amber Group died mysteriously in his sleep aged 30. Although no previous dark dealings could be traced to the tech guru, crypto pages and pop-up sites were inundated with questions around the sudden death, with the most searched topics being “what disease did Tiantian have?” and “Tiantian cause of death”.

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Two days later, on November 25, Russian crypto billionaire and Libertex crypto exchange head Vyacheslav Taran died in a helicopter crash. While the cause of death was not ruled out, Ukrainian authorities linked the mysterious crash to Kremlin’s foreign intelligence, claiming that Taran was responsible for laundering cash from Russia via crypto operations. On the other hand, Russian media reported that an identified VIP who was expected to join Taran cancelled his flight at the last minute.

The four deaths have sparked a fierce debate within crypto-twitter, with some convinced that a triangle of disgruntled customers who lost their funds “unfairly” using the deceased’s firms was out to get revenge.

That’s what happens when you steal from someone that can’t forget,” one user wrote.

Another user linked the death spiral with the “central banking hierarchy, sarcastically writing, “I would definitely not put money on it being connected to the central banking hierarchy. There is no way. They are very trustworthy. 100% no chance.”

On Reddit, some users were convinced that some of those deaths were faked to enable the crypto heads to start over a fresh life. 

“I wonder how many of these are people faking their own deaths,” one user asked.