Myria Launches Its Native Token On OKX Exchange With A 45 Million MYRIA Airdrop

Myria Launches Its Native Token On OKX Exchange With A 45 Million MYRIA Airdrop

Myria, a decentralized Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain built to empower digital assets, NFT and blockchain gaming, has launched its native MYRIA token on the OKX crypto exchange.

According to the team behind the project, the token launch brings numerous benefits to the community that will empower the growth of Web3. The team is planning a 45 million MYRIA airdrop to celebrate this launch. These tokens will be distributed among 5000 lucky winners. The airdrop will be followed by the Alliance Key NFT Airdrop. 

The MYRIA token is designed to use ERC-20 standards to offer users numerous use cases. The token can be used for staking, governance, in-game utility, protocol fees and nodes purchase. The token has a supply of 50 billion tokens allocated for various uses within the Myria ecosystem, including node rewards, liquidity, project development and strategic reserve.

Following the launch on OKX, the MYRIA token will be listed on Kucoin and a few more exchanges. Notably, Myria’s public node sale has been scheduled to go live on April 7 to allow anyone to purchase a node license using MYRIA tokens.  

While commenting on the launch, Myria co-founder and Head of Blockchain Brendan Duhamel stated:


“Our token launch is another step towards our goal of building and scaling innovative blockchain games securely and effectively. Within a short time, Myria brought onboard 1 million users and made it easier for gaming studios to build Web3. This will truly scale the ecosystem, and our goal is to make it easier for players and game studios to enter the Web3 space.”

Myria is an all-inclusive blockchain that combines a gaming platform with applications, scaling infrastructure and tools needed to bring blockchain gaming to life. Myria uses zero-knowledge (ZK) roll-up tech to scale digital assets, blockchain gaming and NFTs. In addition, Myria offers developers and players near-instant transactions. As a result, users enjoy a speed of over 9000 TPS, free NFT minting and zero gas fees on transactions.

Notably, the launch of MYRIA on OKX is part of the project efforts towards building the ultimate Web3 gaming ecosystem. Myria has a large development team consisting of an in-house team and over 250 third-party gaming projects. Developers also have huge support from Myria’s thriving community of over 350,000 community members.

Recently, Myria partnered with a celebrity cricket player AB de Villiers to launch his play-and-earn (P2E) game. In the coming days, the Myria team plans to release details of a new game, the first game by Myria Studios.