Mycro launches Blockchain-Based Mobile application for Job Matching

Mycro launches Blockchain-Based Mobile application for Job Matching

Mycro a startup determined to revolutionize the freelance work market, has launched its blockchain-based mobile application for real-time job matching.

Mycro takes advantage of the ubiquity of smartphones and the vast pools of workers and clients that need their services, to create highly efficient job matches.

Specifically, Mycro makes life easy for those who do not have time to take care of some of their home duties such as mowing the lawn, walk the dog, or even purchase items from the local grocery store.

Mycro provides a highly functional platform that connects those looking to manage their own time while also making extra income, with users in need of errand support.

On the Mycro platform, users offer or apply for a vast array of short term jobs including home delivery, virtual and skilled services.


Importantly, payments are held on a decentralized escrow service powered by smart contracts, and once the job is completed, the worker gets paid accordingly.

Intricate Features of Mycro

Real-time job matching: The Mycro platform employs intelligent and self-learning algorithms just like popular dating platforms, to connect suitable workers to job providers in real-time.

Complete Trust: The platform uses decentralized rating systems and user verification options powered by smart contracts, to allow workers and job providers to enter into trustless transactions. Users entirely own their ratings on Mycro protocol, and they can decide to use them on other platforms as well.

Meagre Fees: Due to the absence of third-parties, the Mycro platform charges workers only a meagre 2 percent fee, while jobs are posted free of charge.

Commenting on the launch of the mobile app, CEO of Mycro, Andre Bruckmann reiterated that:

“At Mycro, we strive to strive to create a time and money equilibrium for all. We believe everybody should have the opportunity to choose what they do for a living, even if it’s for the short term. Each job candidate should have control over when and for when and for whom they work for, and what their time is worth.”

He also added that:

“Our mission is to give every person access to a global marketplace that presents them with accessible employment options, no matter where they come from.”

Mycro has also secured accounts with highly reputed banks, including Bank Frick and the lender will offer users a vast array of services like cold wallet storage, OTC trading and more.