My Neighbor Alice Unveils Alpha Season 3 as it Strives to Enhance the Gaming Experience

My Neighbor Alice Unveils Alpha Season 3 as it Strives to Enhance the Gaming Experience

The top blockchain gaming and NFT startup, My Neighbor Alice, announces the integration of Venly. With the launching coincident with ALPHA SEASON 3 on August 29, gamers can anticipate a better and more user-friendly gaming experience thanks to this cutting-edge blockchain technology solution.

On June 27, The Alpha Season 3 was formally released, bringing with it a brand-new feature that gave players a compelling reason to engage in activities like fishing and farming in order to gather materials for creating individualized Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The response to this feature was incredible, with players producing an astounding variety of unique things at over 100,000 NFTs.
On Monday, July 3, the team made the painful decision to temporarily put the game in maintenance mode after seeing an increasing delay in transaction processing times on Friday, June 29. This delay grew throughout the weekend.

They immediately discovered the source of the performance decline in collaboration with My Neighbor Alice’s renowned partners at ChromaWay using an astounding quantity of more than 100,000 NFTs produced by the players. Since then, the technical team has fixed the problems, added Venly to an ongoing season, and offered a smoother and more user-friendly gaming experience.

Venly was implemented by My Neighbor Alice to support distributed ledger and smart contract functionality. It makes creating a digital wallet a lot easier, which makes it much simpler for people to start investing in tokens, NFTs, and other digital assets. With Venly, users can link their preferred social account or email to their wallet, access it fast and securely with a PIN, and save the time-consuming process of manually creating a wallet.

By using Venly in My Neighbor Alice, players may simply access My Neighbor Alice without having to establish a wallet or go through laborious setup procedures. While the wallet is only accessible with a basic PIN, this guarantees players a quick and straightforward login process.


OnRamper, a new payment option, is one new innovation that is also transforming the marketplace of My Neighbor Alice. This system streamlines the buying of in-game items by enabling the purchase of $ALICE or $BNB tokens using a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. The marketplace makes it more convenient for players by integrating Onramper, giving them a seamless mashup of games and simple payment alternatives. Enter the market to enjoy this increased simplicity in your virtual explorations.

My Neighbor Alice’s combination of Venly and OnRamper ushers in a new era of decentralized web gaming by giving users access to smart contracts and digital assets. My Neighbor Alice is still dedicated to providing cutting-edge blockchain technology and improving the user experience over time.

How to play My Neighbor Alice and access its Marketplace can be found here.

The crew of My Neighbor Alice would like to express its gratitude to the neighborhood for its steadfast support as it begins this exciting new chapter. More news and developments will be shared on social media by my neighbor Alice.