My Neighbor Alice Makes Waves as First Native Token listed on NFTb, a Web3 Gaming platform backed by Binance


Summary: The native token of My Neighbor Alice, ALICE, will soon be exchangeable for other currencies on the Web3 Gaming platform, NFTb, powered by Binance. 

STOCKHOLM – MARCH 29th, 2023 My Neighbor Alice, a well-established blockchain gaming and NFT company, announces its native token, ALICE, will be listed on NFTb, a Web3 Gaming platform backed by Binance. The significant accomplishment of My Neighbor Alice has proven its dedication to transforming the blockchain gaming industry. This is a significant accomplishment for My Neighbor Alice, and it has proven its dedication to transforming the blockchain gaming industry.

The community will soon be able to trade My Neighbor Alice’s native token, ALICE, for other currencies on NFTb. The team is excited to provide its community with a seamless alternatives to participate in the ecosystem through the NFTb platform.

My Neighbor Alice is dedicated to providing its community a safe, open, and convenient marketplace for trading and exchanging ALICE tokens. An exclusive interview with My Neighbor Alice was recently published by the Web3 Gaming Research HUB, incubated by NFTb, Yoda Labs, providing valuable insights into the game’s future.

My Neighbor Alice community members can soon benefit from the NFTb listing:

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  • Enhanced liquidity: ALICE token holders will now have the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by trading with other currencies on the NFTb platform.
  • Increased accessibility: New and existing users can easily acquire ALICE tokens through NFTb, promoting new members to join the My Neighbor Alice community.
  • Strengthened ecosystem: The integration of ALICE tokens on NFTb reinforces the robustness of the My Neighbor Alice ecosystem, fueling growth and fostering more significant innovation.

As My Neighbor Alice’s team begin the new chapter, the team would like to extend their sincere appreciation to the community for its tireless support. More information on NFTb listings will be posted on its social media channels.



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About My Neighbor Alice

Built on the Chromia blockchain technology, My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer social online building game. The initiative aims to advance a full-fledged blockchain gaming environment that facilitates simple transactions between members of the NFT and gaming communities. A staking and renting mechanism is the foundation of the technology used in My Neighbor Alice. Users will be able to rent their NFTs through the system, which is now being built and will launch the following year, for even greater potential revenue. In the end, what distinguishes them from other play-to-earn games. My Neighbor Alice strives to sustain and grow a thriving community for a variety of players while aiming to become a dominating leader in the blockchain gaming industry.

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