MVP Workshop Partners With Moonbeam to Further Explore Blockchain and Web 3 Technology

MVP Workshop Partners With Moonbeam to Further Explore Blockchain and Web 3 Technology

MVP workshop, a blockchain product research and development firm has strategically partnered with the Moonbeam platform to further explore the blockchain and web 3 technologies. According to a joint press release, both companies will pool together resources to form a business unit focused on the development of web 3 tools and technologies.

In a note through the press release, Mališa Pušonja, CTO at MVP Workshop stated that the partnership will further help grow their core businesses.

“MVP Workshop shares the same values and love for new technologies with Moonbeam, and we are really looking forward to fostering innovations and growth of trustless tech together. We are already contributing to Web 3.0 development in several ways, and working with companies such as PureStake is going to go a long way.” 

Although there is no clear definition of web 3 technologies, computer scientists and website developers are working on enhancing websites with artificial intelligence capabilities.

In conjunction with blockchain technology, both companies are seeking to venture into the web 3 sectors as the industry grows towards online and cloud computing.

On the other hand, Nate Hamilton, Director of Business Development at PureStake noted that the partnership is a strategic route towards its multi-chain development ecosystem.


“We’re working with a significant number of projects who are interested in pursuing a multi-chain strategy with Moonbeam as their Polkadot deployment. MVP Workshop is a partner we can trust and refer to other projects and teams that need help to get their deployment moving. We’ve been very impressed with the MVPW team’s methodology and ability to deliver.”  

Moonbeam is a platform that runs on the Polkadot blockchain by enabling developers to create multi-chain applications easily. Notably, moonbeam is an Ethereum-based smart contract platform thus making the partnership with MVP strategic.

As blockchain technology goes mainstream, particularly in the global business industry, the need for more research and development to fit different sectors has proliferated in the private sector. MVP workshop has recently partnered with different blockchain-based companies in a bid to further their course.

On the other hand, Moonbeam has significantly focused on allowing decentralized-applications developers to deploy existing Solidity smart contracts and DApp front ends to Moonbeam seamlessly. The crypto utility has been cited as the main driving force of most blockchain-based projects, thus the recent significant adoption of the Polkadot protocol, Ethereum ecosystem among others.