MOBLAND Partners With Wormhole To Develop Unique GameFi 2.0 Cross-Chain Bridging Solution

MOBLAND Partners With Wormhole To Develop Unique GameFi 2.0 Cross-Chain Bridging Solution

MOBLAND, the first Metaverse built with a Mafia theme, has partnered with Wormhole, the lead cross-chain interoperability protocol, to develop a GameFi 2.0 cross-chain bridging solution.

Of note, MOBLAND’s, free-to-play and play-to-earn game has been running its Mafia-as-a-DAO (MaaD) governance system as an NFT series on Binance NFT. What’s more, the collection has led in terms of all-time volume for the past four months.

Now that it is developing a cross-chain solution, MOBLAND is not only involving Wormhole, it is also collaborating with game maker Nduja Labs. The latter designs decentralized projects including its very own play-to-earn cross-chain NFT blockchain game Everdragons2.

The trio is now working together to develop a novel technology that utilizes unique cross-chain communication for a shard-like mechanism. This development will enable players on MOBLAND to stake the game’s governance token SYNR, in addition to in-game NFT assets all on Ethereum. They will also be able to mint in-game assets cross-chain on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and many other chains. The GameFi 2.0 bridging solution will first be implemented on MOBLAND and Everdragons2 where it will enable smooth value and information transfer between the two metaverses and across multiple chains.

In generic NFT bridges, moving an NFT to a different chain causes it to become minted in a new contract controlled by the bridge. The result is that the bridged collectible loses all the properties it had in the original chain. Differently, MOBLAND’s players and NFT holders will retain ownership of the in-game assets even as they transfer them across multiple chains.


On the partnership, MOBLAND co-founder Roy Liu remarked:

“Building a powerful gaming metaverse that attracts more users ultimately depends on supporting as many capabilities as possible. Our collaboration with Wormhole is designed to accomplish just that. We are strengthening our play-and-earn offering through interoperability, opening up MOBLAND to the rest of the DeFi universe. This, in turn, will invite more widespread participation, provide greater in-game liquidity provision, open users to opportunities like liquidity staking, and allow NFTs and fungible tokens to move across chains, fostering an open and highly approachable GameFi economy.”

Hendrik Hofstadt, Director of Special Projects at Jump Crypto and Internal Wormhole Lead added:

“Interoperability is crucial to greater blockchain usability and adoption, and Wormhole makes MOBLAND more accessible. The ability to stake outside the ecosystem and grant more utility for tokens – fungible and non-fungible – opens vast earning potential for players and amplifies the overall GameFi value proposition.”

In honor of this collaboration, MOBLAND is granting participation in its April 20th launch to the first 10,000 persons to join the MOBLAND community on discord.