Mining is a lucrative activity that can be done in your spare time

Mining is a lucrative activity that can be done in your spare time

What do you know about mining? Let’s deal with this topic with an example of the new Qatar 2022 Ecosystem project. It includes some services.

One of them is mining.

On the Qatar 2022 Ecosystem platform, you can participate in mining various coins, from the utility token of this QAT platform to stablecoins.

In the Pre-Launch stage, token holders can reserve a place in one of the presented mining pools: QAT, USDT, BUSD, ETH, USDC, DOGE and BNB to get special provisions with increased APR by contrast with the others who will plough into miners after listing.

How does this system work?

To start the miner, you trade the required number of tokens into a selected pool. These funds will be permanently «frozen» in the miner’s smart contract. After that, miners start working and will bring you daily income, that can reach up to 10% of your deposit amount. You can take out the accumulated profit any tine or reinvest it to increase remuneration.


Your daily remunerations will be calculated using compound interest and depend on many factors, such as reinvestment frequency and accumulated profit taking out, the total supply of locked BNB, BUSD, USDT tokens etc., in the miner’s smart contract, the number of invited referrals. Thus, to keep the highest remunerations up to 10% per day, the Qatar 2022 Ecosystem team recommends its users use the 6/1 earning strategy.

The strategy principle is that users make reinvestment in 6 days and take out profit to their wallet on the 7th day. This strategy is planned on a long period, but consequently, it will bring maximum yield.

Also, the developers of Qatar 2022 Ecosystem have provided protection against «whales». 

Too frequent profit-taking leads to a decrease in daily profitability of up to 0.5%, this allows you to ensure that locked tokens remain in the smart contract.

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