Mingo Launches Tyson Fury NFTs Collection

Mingo Launches Tyson Fury NFTs Collection

Mingo has recently launched the Tyson Fury NFT collection to utilize it as a token in the Metaverse. Tyron Fury is a famous British boxer and a public figure. He has been two times heavy-weight world champion. Considering his fame and popularity in the market, Mingo came up with the idea of creating his NFT collections. Nonfungible tokens have significantly got importance in the recent Web 3 era. And is booming in the crypto world.

After the popularity of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, NFTs became grossly famous in 2021. To increase its further popularity, different brands have come up with different ideas. But Mingo has outsmarted everyone by simplifying the crypto transactions and making it way too easier for everyone.

What is Mingo?

Mingo is a full ecosystem built entirely on Hadera Network. It consists of Mingo Wallet, Mingo launch, Mingo Market, Mingo Play, and Mingo Chat. The developers of Mingo have created simplified, easy to use and technologically advanced mobile applications that do not only serve individual users but are also curated for enterprises and bigger companies.

  1. Mingo Wallet 

Mingo Wallet is a multicurrency wallet built for most of the tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Mingocoin, etc. This app is working seamlessly with Mingo Chat to swap, send, and receive all of the Hadera HTS tokens. This app helps users to make transactions among themselves without the hazards of smart and costly contracts.

  1. Mingo Chat 

Mingo Chat helps users to keep all the messages on one screen. Yes, this application synchronizes Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and other supported platforms in one place and allows users to send or receive messages on one screen. The best feature of the application is that when a user responds to any of the above messages from the Mingo Chat screen, the message will be sent to the corresponded network separately.

  1. Mingo Market

Mingo Market is a smart marketplace that allows users to trade, sell and purchase various NFT collections. This app allows users to buy NFTs through Debit cards, Credit cards, or by using Mingo. Users could also list their own NFTs in the secondary market for sale. 

  1. Mingo Launch

Ming Launch has been built to allow creators, Artists, and other users to launch their own NFTs collections on the Hadera Network. Third-party developers could also utilize Mingo launch for Hadera integration, Tokenomics, seed funding, and other IGO events. The Launchpad shall only be restricted to the users holding MINGO coins and required to gain votes within the community for launching a project. 

  1. Mingo Play

Mingo Play is a blockchain gaming studio built on the Hadera Network to create a full crypto gaming ecosystem. Its working on a number of games supposed to be released this year. The premiered Games of this ecosystem shall be fighting based games. A series of real fighters NFTs shall also be created. And Meta Fighting Championship is supposed to be the first launch. Mingo Play will also be launching play to earn games which would be great fun.

What is Hadera?

Hadera Hashgraph is the most advanced cost-efficient technology capable of handling a large number of transactions (250k supposedly) per second. This technology is built on (ABFT) Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant making it the most secure and powerful when it comes to the security of the crypto users.

Launch of Tyson Fury NFTs Collection

On 14th February 2022, Mingo has successfully launched Tyson Fury NFTs Collection. It consists of 16500 uniquely generated Tyson Fury NFTs and has already been active on the Hadera Network. The collection was professionally designed by Mingo’s in-house 3D Artists and has a combination of 12 traits and 149 variations. This significant amount of work makes each NFT unique and well designed. Interestingly, the collection has been bifurcated as Legendary, Epic, Rate, and common. 

To market this token, Mingo is offering a bunch of bonuses to the holders. Whosoever is holding Tyson Fury NFTs Collection shall be entitled to the following bonuses:

  • Tyson Signed Merchandise like Gloves, Shirts , Wraps and Images 
  • 20 Punch Packs (Tickets to Tyson’s next flight along with $1000 
  • Access to Mingo Events 
  • Personal recorded videos from Tyson himself 

Mingo is tirelessly working to make the crypto ecosystem simplified and easy to use for everyone. And that is why it has built the entire ecosystem over Hadera thanks to its full-proof security system. In the coming years, Mingo shall be launching a couple of other projects and would be making the entire crypto system fast, cost-efficient, and highly secured to make the best user experience.