MFET Announces Its Listing On XT.COM With USDT Trading Pair

MFET Announces Its Listing On XT.COM With USDT Trading Pair

The world’s first socially integrated trading platform, XT.COM, one of the top global exchanges, is thrilled to announce that MFET has been listed in the platform’s Main Zone. Through this partnership, the XT community will learn about prominent tokens like MFET and help spread awareness of the MFET token among a sizable portion of the XT.COM user base.

MFET is a green blockchain that collaborates with every business that wants to position itself as environmentally friendly, and it creates and finances cutting-edge projects to improve urban life.

The MFET makes every action contribute to nature as a green token based on the environment, biodiversity, and sustainable economy. It aspires to reduce its carbon footprint, the carbon dioxide equivalent of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere due to an individual’s, a nation’s, or an organization’s activities. This goal is a logical extension of its ideology. To involve people and organizations in their projects, particularly those in this field, and to offer consulting services, MFET builds a strong infrastructure.

On the platform, users can now easily buy, sell, and trade MFET tokens. Due to MFET’s listing in the main zone, traders have access to intriguing projects to trade with. Users can contribute to the effort to lessen the negative effects of globalization by trading the token.


The green blockchain company MFET seeks to improve urban living conditions by raising people’s awareness. As a business that values the environment, MFET helps to build a global ecosystem that provides a better urban lifestyle while using less energy.


The MFET ecosystem aims to lessen current environmental risks and combat the effects of globalization’s destruction, such as climate change, a decline in underground water, and natural imbalance.

Due to its effectiveness, the DPOS (Delegated Proof Of Stake) consensus mechanism, which MFET employs, adheres to the BEP20 network’s features and is a recognised proof-of-share variant.

Regarding XT.COM

XT.COM is committed to offering users the most secure, dependable, and hassle-free digital asset trading services by steadily expanding its ecosystem. Our exchange was created out of the desire to provide everyone with access to digital assets, no matter where they may be.

XT.COM, which was founded in 2018, now has more than 40 million users in its ecosystem, over 500,000 monthly active users, and more than 6 million registered users. Our platform aims to serve its sizable user base by offering a safe, reliable, and simple trading experience while covering a wide range of trading categories and an NFT aggregated marketplace.

As the first socially integrated trading platform for digital assets, XT.COM also supports social networking platform-based transactions to increase the accessibility of our crypto services to users around the globe. Furthermore, user security is our top priority at XT.COM to guarantee optimal data integrity and security.