MEXC Makes It Into the List of World Firsts, Introduces Second-Level K-Line Function

MEXC Makes It Into the List of World Firsts, Introduces Second-Level K-Line Function

It’s business unusual in the crypto industry as MEXC performs an overhaul on its future products through a major system upgrade. The move has seen the high-performance, centralized engine introduce a second-level K-line function, a completely new innovation in the blockchain space. As a result, the firm has earned itself a slot in the list of world firsts.

This is not the first upgrade, however. MEXC introduced futures trading in 2018, but it wasn’t until June 2020 that the exchange welcomed its first major system upgrade to help address vital user concerns like security, the platform’s stability, and depth.

Since then, MEXC has performed multiple system upgrades, with the last one attracting massive global attention.

The Hype Explained

In general, futures trading on most exchanges accounts for minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months. However, the MEXC second-level K-line function accommodates 1-second periods and can generate respective candle charts.

Consequently, traders can access detailed trading information like the current price, transaction volume, and market depth in real-time. In other words, the upgrade will help to deliver a better trading experience allowing for even ultra-short-term, high-frequency, and high-leverage trading.


However, the new second-level K-line function is limited to BTC-USDT and ETH-USDT. More trading pairs will be available soon per the platform’s ongoing plans.

About MEXC

A leader in cryptocurrency trading, MEXC is a one-stop exchange that offers different services, including futures, spot, staking, and leveraged ETF transactions, to mention a few. The platform boasts over 10 million active users and a daily trading volume of about $1.72 billion, of which Bitcoin accounts for $750 million worth of transactions.

Further, the platform features over 1600 coins, has a presence in over 170 countries, and was crowned the 2021 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in Asia.