MetaTreed: The Durian Agricultural Metaverse Project Launches Its First Series Of NFT Collections Called The Golden Phoenix

MetaTreed: The World's First Agricultural Plantation Project Connecting Southeast Asian Durian Plantation Communities With NFTs And The Metaverse

SINGAPORE – July 27, 2022 –  MetaTreed is an innovative NFT project that adds value to real-world durian plantations; MetaTreed has started a seed planting ceremony on its Dapp Agriverse Land to commemorate the platform’s official launch. The agricultural metaverse project connects the durian agricultural supply chain with NFTs and Metaverse ecosystem, linking real-world assets with blockchain technology. The project partners with local durian farmers and plantation owners in Thailand and Malaysia to enhance the expansion and growth of the local agricultural business. 

As technology improves and modern equipment has become more accessible, farmers can now produce higher quality durians for export to meet the increasing demand. However, not all farmers can access this technology as it comes with a higher financial risk than most local farmers would be willing to consider. MetaTreed aims to industrialise agriculture and increase the concentration of durian production by connecting local farmers and plantation owners to investors via web 3.0. The business and investor connection allows farmers and plantation owners to acquire advanced machinery that will help them compete with other producers to produce top-quality durians on a large scale for export. 

The sales from the MetaTreed NFT series will be used as initial capital for farmers and plantation owners to expand their land in return for co-sharing of incentive distribution in existing trees on the plantation. NFT holders are expected to receive incentives as early as 250 days instead of the ten years life cycle of the durian tree maturity in the real world.

MetaTreed has released its first series of NFT collections called Golden Phoenix. The presale round started in early June for whitelist participants and will be open to the public on 1 August 2022. The team has minted 10,000 Golden Phoenix NFT collections and will release them in five batches before the revelation of the following NFT collection. The Golden Phoenix NFT prices range from $1,000 to $2,000 and are available at

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MetaTreed is officially the world’s first and only innovative model that combines NFT and Metaverse with durian plantations in the physical world. The Agricultural Metaverse concept connects the agricultural supply chain with NFTs and Metaverse ecosystem. The MetaTreed project is designed to link real-world assets with blockchain technology. In partnership with our local farmers and plantation owners, we aim to enhance the expansion and growth of the local agricultural business. Providing opportunities for NFT and Metaverse participants to profit share from the physical assets in return for investment funds for the local community. 

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