MetaShooter: The First Decentralized Hunting Game Built On Cardano

MetaShooter: The First Decentralized Hunting Game Built On Cardano

Play-to-earn games are becoming the main deal for sports and game lovers in the crypto space as it provides them with the opportunity to play video games with the chance of earning money in return. Thus, the e-gaming industry is seeing an incredible spike in the adoption of play-to-earn games. Also, Startups are increasingly storming the space with new play-to-earn projects featuring exclusive gaming designs.

Amongst the new play-to-earn blockchain games that are storming the industry is MetaShooter, a fun-filled play-to-earn metaverse hunting game built on Cardano to excite and keep players interested with meaningful gameplay. A game exclusively designed with the initiative of making it fun and exciting for people of all ages.

MetaShooter: A Game For Exclusive Hunting Experience

The game has been uniquely designed to perfectly soothe the desires of passionate hunters. The platform believes that a lot of people love hunting and they are passionate about it. Thus, MetaShooter will provide an opportunity for them to engage in their hobby, allowing players to track their prey, see the details of their kills and even share them with others online.

An announcement from the platform reads;

“Metashooter is a game that offers hunting business development and hosting experience. It allows hunters to create their own hunting business, manage their hunting club, and host events. The game offers a wide range of options for hunters to choose from.”


It further noted that the MetaShooter users will have their area of play launched on Metaverse Island.

MetaShooter players will earn money rewards offered in MetaShooter’s native token as they progress in the game.

MetaShooter Offers Players Lots of Benefits

MetaShooter with its exclusive and amazing functionalities poses users with lots of benefits which include creating a passive income by purchasing hunting lands, building towers, and generally just enjoying the best games available on the platform while developing and growing their business.

“Hunting rare animals or collecting trophies are rewards for impressive hunters. Your rewards increase with each trophy you win each rare animal you hunt” the platform explains.

Moreso, MetaShooter gives players the chance to explore potential opportunities as it provides them with access to a huge hunting area where they have the potential to excel regardless of obstacles or limitations.

The platform further revealed that it aims to modernize the hunting industry by merging it with the blockchain industry, thereby providing investors with a multibillion-dollar investment decision.