MetaRuffy Launches Cross-Chain Social-Network NFT-Marketplace

MetaRuffy Launches Cross-Chain Social-Network NFT-Marketplace

MetaRuffy International FZCO has announced the launch of its second product known as The Dubai-based company which already operates RuffyWorld, an entertainment-focused metaverse world, is launching the all-in-one cross-chain social NFT Marketplace. is a meeting place for creators, traders, and social media users, designed with the end-user in mind. CEO of MetaRuffy, Cihan Sasmaz speaks on the project thus:

“The Loobr Marketplace is amazing, easy to use, and the built-in social media platform is first of its kind!! The MetaRuffy Creative Team was very professional to work with; I highly recommend them to anybody new to NFT creation!!! 

The platform offers the lowest transaction fees of any major platform in the space, at 1% of fees charged by any of its rivals. It is also ad-free and has an integrated KYC/verified badge, real-time notifications, creator royalties, fixed price, auction and mystery NFT capabilities, and end-to-end encryption.

With the integrated social media capability, Loobr is the first of its kind with state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, all kinds of digital art are available on the platform, ranging from virtual land, Music, domains, inGame assets for RuffyWorld, and of course, NFTs.

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Creators can exhibit and sell their art in the form of NFTs, while Traders can purchase verified digital art from verified creators. Social media regulators can also leverage its end-to-end encryption to chat, like, comment, and mingle with friends, family, and whomever they choose.

LooBr has the latest security features and requires only an email and a password to create an account. They can also add a crypto wallet to their profile which enables them to shop, buy, and sell digital art in a safe and secure environment with KYC and verified other users. 

Its revolutionary feature, LooBr Score sets a new standard in the e-commerce of NFTs. it transfers all metadata collected from owner to owner (trade and owner history, social media posts, comments, likes, etc.) from the original, minting, and listing on LooBr to every relist for all NFTs on the LooBr platform.

Prices of arts and NFTs are displayed in the platform’s native token, $LooBr which can be purchased directly on the marketplace. The token also doubles as the governance token, which allows holders to contribute to shaping the future of the platform. Holders also get rewards in $MR, MetaRuffy’s native token for holding $LooBr. will soon be available on both Android and iOS devices but is currently only available online.

The Marketplace is currently accessible and will be shortly for Android and iOS. for pre-sale (15 July 2022, 00:00:00 UTC)