METAGENE launchpad & incubator Private Sale started!

METAGENE launchpad & incubator Private Sale started!

METAGENE ($GENE) launched a Private Sale on April 5th, offering 14% of the total supply.

$GENE token will be launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and its smart contract will be audited by CERTIK, the most trusted authority in the space. Anyone interested can buy into one of the six Tiers that offer various advantages, such as access to IDOs and different weight pools. Click here to learn more about the METAGENE Tier System.


METAGENE’s main function is to provide incubation and IDO services for promising metaverse and NFT projects. The METAGENE team also audits and consults dev teams to make sure that cryptospace as a whole develops in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Please take a look at our official trailer to learn more about the project and the team behind it here.


A few words about METAGENE tokenomics

Token Ticker: $GENE

Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

You can learn more about our tokenomics on the official METAGENE website.

METAGENE has a six-tier staking system

The six-tier system ranges between 100,000 $GENE tokens for Tier 1 and 3,250,000 $GENE tokens for Tier 6. This setup makes project participation more accessible and also attracts large investors who will benefit from the 100x pool weight granted by the top tier.

Exclusive staking system available to $GENE holders

Staking is mandatory for all holders who would like to participate in IDOs that will be held on the METAGENE platform. 

Your $GENE tokens must be staked no later than 24 hours before the IDO begins in order to be eligible for whitelisting. Whitelist snapshots are taken 24 hours prior to each IDO. 

METAGENE staking offers five lock periods. APY (annual percentage yield) depends on both: tiers and lock periods. Here’s a table that shows what tiers and lock periods determine APY. 

Staking participants will be able to use a built-in calculator to get a precise estimate of how profitable their investment will be depending on what lock period they choose.

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