Metacade’s Play-to-Earn Platform Gains Over $10M Presale Funding Ahead of Token Listings

Metacade's Play-to-Earn Platform Gains Over $10M Presale Funding Ahead of Token Launch

Popular play-to-earn startup, Metacade is already winning the interest of many while still making its path fully into the blockchain space. In an official press release today, the platform boasts of raising over $10 million while entering the second-to-last phase of its presale.

The CEO of Metacade, Russell Bennet, expressed his delight at the yet-to-be-completed but promising presale, saying;

“I’m absolutely thrilled that we’ve continued our traction and have hit such a huge milestone. The confidence that our supporters have put in us is something that will drive the team forward as we enter our final stage.”

Metacade Sets to Storm the Industry with Versatile GameFi Products

Metacade is strongly committed to community involvement and follows the principles of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), regularly conducting polls and AMAs to allow investors and fans to have a say in the platform’s development. By implementing play-to-earn, create-to-earn, and compete-to-earn mechanics, the platform aims to offer a versatile GameFi product that can evolve and expand while rewarding members financially and through an engaging online and mobile gaming experience.

While the presale is still in its penultimate stage, Metacade’s native token, MCADE, is only available for purchase on the platform’s official website. However, the presale has been scheduled to end on the 30th of March; this will see MCADE listed on Bitmart and Uniswap. As such, there are only 16 days left until the token becomes available to the public.


While it awaits its public launch, the Metacade team is optimistic about the future price of MCADE following the well-performing presale that has so far raised over $10 million. As the token prepares to launch on exchanges in April 2023, it aligns with the current GameFi trend that attracts a global audience of both investors and gaming enthusiasts. The team anticipates a positive response to MCADE’s entry into the market.

Furthermore, the platform believes that its rapid increase in popularity is likely due to the recent addition of Tyler Lange, a Principal Product Designer, to the team. Russell acknowledged this, saying;

“We’re delighted to have Tyler on board. This puts us ahead of schedule in terms of the front-end development of our end product. We’re now in a position to start developing the initial app concepts, which I’ll be showcasing in an upcoming AMA.”

Furthermore, Apart from the interest of investors Metacade have been able to gather, it has also managed to win their confidence as the approval of CertiK, a top blockchain auditing firm, provides investors with assurance that the project specifications and code have undergone a thorough review and that the Metacade team has passed KYC. This places Metacade on par with other projects certified by CertiK, such as Aave, Polygon, and Chiliz. The complete audit findings can be accessed on the CertiK website.