Metacade Reaches Final Stage of Token Presale, Raising More Than $500,000 Within 24 hours

Metacade Reaches Final Stage of Token Presale, Raising More Than $500,000 Within 24 hours

While the blockchain gaming platform has continued to make waves as the most exciting 2023 venture in the GameFi industry, Metacade is pleased to announce the final stage of its token presale after a successful 24 hours that saw it raise over $500k.

This brings Metacade a step closer to its aim of transforming the gaming industry with its innovative approach. The massive presale suggests that investors eagerly await the project’s next move.

According to the announcement, the total funds raised so far amount to an impressive $12.4M, thanks to a string of positive news that includes a stunning showcase of UI designs, a comprehensive view of their staking pool, and the launch of a lucrative referral program.

“As we enter the final stage of the presale, it’s all hands-on-deck at Metacade. We’re proud to have achieved so much in so little time, and extremely grateful for the support of our loyal Metacaders and investors in the project. We’re now gearing up for the exchange listings and for our Q2 product launches,” said Russell Bennett, the CEO of Metacade, while acknowledging the company’s impressive progress.

As the presale for Metacade’s MCADE token enters its final stage, users can expect a price of $0.020, which is expected to retain the value until the token begins trading on exchanges after the presale’s conclusion on March 30, 2023. The MCADE token is set to launch on various exchanges, such as Uniswap and BitMart, following the conclusion of the presale. Investors who secure their MCADE tokens during the presale can look forward to potentially benefiting from early investment as Metacade continues to gain traction in the GameFi industry.


Metacade’s Metagrant Programme

Metacade continues its commitment to user-focused initiatives by announcing its innovative Metagrants program. The company’s whitepaper outlines the program’s goal of investing in new gaming projects using the community treasury, with the aim of funding the next generation of blockchain game developers.

The Metagrants initiative works by inviting developers to submit funding applications for the creation of new GameFi titles. The Metacade community will then assess these submissions, with MCADE holders voting for their preferred ideas.

The most popular submissions will receive crypto investments to support game production, with the first Metagrant game set to launch on the platform in Q1 2024.

Meanwhile, users who intend to participate in the Metacade presale can purchase Metacade tokens until sell-out or March 30, whichever comes first. Notably, this new initiative is set to put Metacade at the forefront of GameFi innovation, providing exciting opportunities for developers and gamers alike.