Crypto Presale: MetaBlaze ICO Raises $2.1 Million, Announces Second ICO Round is Now Open


Following the successful conclusion of its first ICO round in which it raised $2.1 million, Gaming firm MetaBlaze is set to commence the second round on May 31st by 12 pm UTC. The ICO reached its hard cap in only 3 days with nearly 2000 holders.

For those who missed the first round, the second round will afford them the opportunity to buy the MetaBlaze tokens (MBLZ) at a lower price ahead of listing on public cryptocurrency exchanges. The token will be sold at $0.000095 and participants will be rewarded with a 5% MBLZ token bonus on their purchases.

MetaBlaze developing a revolutionary GameFi ecosystem

MetaBlaze is a blockchain gaming company set to set a standard in the gaming industry. By combining elements of GameFi, DeFi, and Metaverse, the company is creating a one-of-a-kind, synergistic ecosystem full of web3 technologies.

The project is powered by MBLZ, a deflationary, dual reward-based, multi-chain crypto token. Built on Binance Smart Chain, the MBLZ is the native currency for the entire ecosystem and offers several functionalities for the ecosystem’s many aspects, including,

  • BlazedApp
  • Dual Rewards
  • NFT Strategy Game
  • NFT Farming Grounds
  • NFT collections
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Native Blockchain
  • AAA P2E Game
  • Virtual Real Estate
  • Gaming Metaverse

MetaBlaze gameplay


MetaBlaze’s blockchain-based play-to-earn game will bring AAA graphics, and exclusive content and allow players to fight each other to conquer lands. The game will also feature battles with mystical creatures to control stunning 3D worlds. The project is also launching an NFT collection based on the characters in the game with nearly 200, 3D traits.

MetaBlaze will include property ownership as one element of its game strategy to key into the growing interest in virtual real estate. Players will be able to buy, rent, sell, or tax lands within the gaming metaverse.


Blockchain security Certik has carried out a third-party KYC on the MetaBlaze project team, that includes comprehensive ID Verification, Background Checks, and the Provision and storage of personal information. Certik has also audited the project’s smart contracts and provided Skynet Monitoring, a 24/7 security monitoring service for the MBLZ token. 

Participants can sign up for the second round of the ICO by visiting the website at MetaBlaze Launchpad.