MegaWorld Launches Land Gameplay for BNB Chain on Feb 15

BNB Chain-based MegaWorld Land Gameplay Starts February 15

Web3 games have recently exploded in popularity because they introduce a novel concept to players: the ability to own and trade provable digital assets. In MegaWorld, players build NFT structures that run on the resources generated by other players’ NFT structures, with all the operations being performed by smart contracts deployed across three main blockchains and two sidechains.

MegaWorld is setting out on an epic adventure this year, a mission to found a brand-new city in a complex and expansive digital universe. This is no regular town but rather a thriving metropolis where player strategy determines the game’s rules.


MegaWorld (previously known as MegaCryptoPolis) launched its first neighborhood on the Ethereum blockchain in May of 2018. Initially, players interacted with a flat, two-dimensional plane. Players were acquiring land and erecting structures in an effort to maximize their Influence Points. They could see what this city had the potential to become, and they wanted in on it.

In 2019, MegaWorld expanded to the TRON Network, allowing even more players to join the game and experience the thrill of building in a fully realized 3D virtual city with complex Microeconomics.
As the game progressed, players developed their own strategies, with some opting to rent and build smaller, more efficient buildings while others focused on acquiring adjacent fields of land, flipping buildings, optimizing production, and constructing mega skyscrapers.

By the year’s end in 2022, MegaWorld had declared its intention to enter the BNB Chain. Not only could players explore and construct on a massive scale in this new virtual city, but the game’s Custom Buildings feature and other gameplay mechanics were on display for the first time.

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Interconnected Economics

Starting in December 2022, residents of the newly opened District #304 will be able to purchase their very own piece of the BNB Chain. In January of 2023, the auction for the first player-controlled district in BNB City, 305, closed with 16 bids. Before building even began, more than 1,300 player-owned plots of land were purchased.
On February 15, 2023, players will be able to use the BNB Chain plots they have purchased to build any type of functional building, POI, or public transportation.

Beginning in the first quarter of 2023, players on other chains will need Materials generated on the BNB Chain. For instance, in order to construct and maintain buildings in Ethereum city, residents will need TRON-exclusive concrete and BNB-only plastic.

An “Airport” will be implemented to allow the transfer of assets between cities, thereby facilitating cross-chain trading. Depending on the quantity and type of cargo, as well as the destination and airport traffic, a $MEGA fare may be necessary for airport transfers.

BNB Starter Packs

On February 2, the official Store will offer a limited quantity of 2200 starter Packs to give players a head start in creating with BNB Chain. All prices, beginning at 0.25 BNB, are set to automatically increase by 1% per day for a total of 99 days, or until they sell out, whichever comes first.

The Generation A Citizens included in all BNB Packs wear specially designed, branded clothing. As an added bonus, each Pack has a 1 in 20 chance of containing a rare collectible NFT Pet and one of 20 different Supercars.

Those who acquire Beginning on February 15, packs will be able to set up shop on land plots in BNB City. New Compounds and Paper are available in certain Packs, which may come in handy for the Cross-Chain Dependency update coming in the first quarter of 2023.

MegaWorld is a Web3 MMO city-builder/strategy game where players use smart contracts to manage real economies in a shared virtual world. To engage in commerce with other players, players purchase plots of land and erect buildings to produce Resources. Every item in the game is a non-fungible token (NFT) and every player action is a blockchain transaction.




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