Meet MetaThings, the Real-World Environment In The Metaverse

Meet MetaThings, the Real-World Environment In The Metaverse


The purpose of Metathing is to provide a mechanism for bringing real-world objects into the metaverse in the form of fully functional NFT. Through AI and the BSC and ETH blockchains, Metathings makes it possible for any physical item to be uploaded to the virtual Metaverse in three-dimensional form as NFT. The first generation of artificial intelligence object modelling is implemented in the distributed ledger. To finish their mission, Meta Things will use blockchain technology to send 3D models created by AI into the metaverse. After the mapping, reshaping, geometry, texture generator, and texture mash processes are complete, the imported object will be rendered. In addition, the acquired items will be exchanged for NFT. As a result, AI products will have a smooth transition into the metaverse.

Using MetaThings

Web3’s innovative Metaverse technology is a key component. The 3D printing industry, metaverse infrastructure development projects, the animation and 3D video industries, individual investors seeking returns on their NFT investments, functional NFT research and development, the design and construction industries, the media and entertainment industries, and the advertising and marketing sectors will all make use of metathings.

Dependability Towards Backers

Because the security of its investors is a top priority, MetaThings assumes full responsibility for them and takes all necessary measures to safeguard their assets. MetaThings Team has taken all precautions for trustworthiness and openness, including an audit on Certik and the locking of Liquidity on the Pinksale platform. All team members have completed their Know Your Customer (KYC) profiles on the pink sale platform, and they can be found on LinkedIn and Telegram. There is currently an open AMA. SAFU Dev created and now owns the contract. Opened and verified source code hosted on GitHub for public view. The website also features a whitepaper and additional information.

How to join the MetaThings community

MetaThings is doing Pre-sale on the Pinksale platform. The token information is as follows.

Token Name – METT

Total Token – 1,000,000,000 METT

71% liquidity and pre-sale.

Reach MetaThings


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