MappedSwap to offer users ten times more funds to trade on margin on its platform

MappedSwap to offer users ten times more funds to trade on margin on its platform

Mappedswap offers ten times the funding for trading on the most decentralized crypto trading protocol, aiming to lower entry barriers for traders in the DeFi ecosystem through a comprehensive investing system.

The Eurus blockchain uses Hyperledger technology, a flexible cross-chain transfer system that operates at high speed and coordinates well with the Ethereum system.

Consumers will benefit from its high liquidity from its current Eurus blockchain-built DeFi protocol and a referral program. Running DeFi cross-margin crypto exchange on the Eurus blockchain has been helpful to Mappedswap protocol since it boasts of having a minor slippage tolerance rate in the current market.

Mappedswap specs:

  • It has asset management tools that enable trading on the DeFi and getting funding 10 times more when you trade on the platform’s margin.
  • It has swift transfers that take less than two seconds.
  • Eurus blockchain ensures auto trade based smart contracts, transfer transparency and safety.
  • Mappedswap has overall liquidity of $6b from locked funds that back transfers.

Mappedswap beats the top-ranked players such as Pancakeswap and Uniswap with a minor commission in the market at 0.3%. Also, its slippage rate remains at less than 0.01% for $100 and has an hourly interest rate for every approved loan with payout needed before the principal amount of the loaned property. Hence, the repayment liability comes into play after every hour.


Mappedswap uses an optimized UI design easily understood by crypto community experts and newcomers. The platform users can receive 80% rebate fees, including a referral program.

“Mappedswap has opened a sale promo, and consumers can claim 100% back of the staking amount on a first-past-the-post basis. On 21st February, the first 245,989.990693 MSTs were already transferred to new lucky consumers. US$1B worth of stake rewards is waiting in wBTC, ETH, and USDC token pools. The promo will conclude after allocating all staking rewards.”