Manilla Finance: Bringing Blockchain Technology to Your Fingertips

Manilla Finance: Bringing Blockchain Technology to Your Fingertips

In recent times, the world has witnessed an untold technological revolution that has reshaped how we do things. This technological revolution brought about the birth of Distributed Ledger Technology, the technology that gave birth to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Since the beginning of time, the medium of exchange has evolved from the barter trade through the use of traditional barter instruments such as copper down to what we now know as paper money or fiat currency. With the constant evolution of man and his medium of exchange, it is only fair that fiat currencies take their leave to give space for blockchain and its offering (cryptocurrencies) in a bid to disrupt how payments can be made for goods and services. In the light of the above, the Manilla ecosystem has provided a platform that allows its users to perform their daily transactions using cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange.

The Manilla Finance ecosystem was built due to the desire to solve the daily challenges faced by cryptocurrency users while also creating an avenue for them to spend their crypto assets, as they would with fiat currency. From footing their bills to performing seamless transactions and bringing cryptocurrencies closer to the people (especially the unbanked), the manilla ecosystem contains a lot of services that will resolve the yearning of the average user. The services contained in the Manilla application range from a P2P exchange to a state-of-the-art and robust service suite.

The Problems We Are Resolving

Taking the setbacks of failed P2P platforms into careful consideration, it is necessary that someone, somewhere and somehow, takes up the mantle and guide the caravan out of the trenches. Manilla P2P was created considering every single setback and shortcoming you see in many P2P platforms today. They include:


Manilla P2P is equipped to house hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously. As a result of this, we get the attention of internet scams as well. For this, Manilla has committed multiple resources to ensure that its platform is always safe for both the buyers and sellers participating in the market.

Also, assets are protected with state-of-the-art, sophisticated shields at all times. In addition, Manilla undergoes regular security audits to ensure that there is no room for loopholes and backdoor entries in our system. This measure is taken from the Escrow protocol that secures assets during an active trade to the periodic security audits to ensure no loops are left open.


Ease of Use

Another reason hindering the adoption of cryptocurrencies across the globe is the complexity of understanding Blockchain technology. However, there is no cause for alarm as Manilla’s intuitive interface makes trading on the platform a remarkable experience even for newbies. Our multi-device compatibility application ensures the satisfaction and fulfilment of a user’s trading needs. Let us worry about the complex nature of Blockchain technology for you.

A Referral System

With major platforms such as Coinbase discontinuing their referral programmes due to the scourge of the crypto bear market, we at Manilla have dedicated our resources to creating a very healthy and sustainable referral system. That’s right, even when you’re not trading, you can earn money passively, which can add up to a lot of money in the long run, by inviting people to the Manilla P2P platform.

We have created a reward system that ensures Manilla users make money by onboarding people. When you refer up to 5 people, the referral reward mechanism gives you a single-level transaction bonus and 25% of your referrals’ trading value. Those you refer only need to transact, and you are always rewarded with a commission.

DAO Protocol

Manilla is based on a system that is an improvement over previous systems. Although we believe we have created the perfect system, we believe that more improvements to the system can be made based on user contributions and reviews. To that end, the Manilla Exchange has incorporated a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) protocol as a mode of operation to ensure users receive better services tailored to their primary needs.

To ensure a sane contributory space with industry-standard improvements, only certain members who hold a specific amount of MNLA (The Manilla Ecosystem Governance Token, which will be launched shortly) are eligible to vote in the base community’s representation.

The Revolutionary Manilla Service Suite

The Manilla Service Suite is an innovative structure tailored to meet the burgeoning needs of the average person. Embedded herein are services of day-to-day importance and (almost) necessities that will cut out the long lineup and headache of having to use multiple applications or services to tend to one’s daily needs. Disrupting classical approaches to financial transactions, Manilla e-Service Suite will allow for these services to be delivered using cryptocurrencies. 

Whilst saving up in stable cryptos, an individual can hedge against inflation and earn from staking. Combining the power of ease and freedom in one place is unimaginable as the potential cannot be quantified. On top of solving problems and ensuring an easy-going schedule, users are incentivized just for being users! This is no generic incentive that requires you to fulfil a scroll-full of conditions and milestones. You enjoy being a part of the family just by using the services embedded, and at the end of a financial cycle, you take home a chunk of free cake.

Services offered in the Manilla Service Suite include; Utility Bills Payment, Airtime/Data and Gift Cards Purchase, Flight, Hotels and Ticket Bookings. The service suite also houses a staking and lending protocol.

The Manilla development team is working round the clock to ensure its platform is flawless before launch. The team is testing the application rigorously in readiness for launch in 44 countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom & Australia. In the meantime, crypto traders and enthusiasts can join its growing community on Twitter and Telegram as they wait to explore endless possibilities and payments made easy with crypto.

About Manilla Finance

Established in 2021, Manilla Finance is a product of Manilla Technologies Ltd, a Web3 software-driven company bridging fintech solutions from Web2.0 to Web3.0 and developed to solve the major challenges Blockchain adopters and users face to access cryptocurrencies seamlessly. The company houses a massive cohort of Web3 developers drawn from West Africa, South Asia & North America.

Manilla’s star product is the Manilla Finance application that houses the P2P portal. This exchange method allows traders to trade directly with one another without the need for a centralized third party to facilitate the transactions. This means crypto fiat traders exchange their assets with another crypto holder or fiat holder. Traders have the flexibility to use other barter instruments for the exchange other than fiat. The platform aims to solve the challenges faced in accessing crypto from exchanges, as most exchanges may not allow for direct funding with fiat. Whereas the Service Suite was developed to give crypto assets an advanced use-case and utility.

For more info about this highly innovative and scalable project, visit the Manilla Finance Official Website and join our growing community of potential users and investors on Twitter and Telegram.