Mammoth Aims to be a Leader in ‘Differentiated Global Blockchain’ With Mainnet Launch

Mammoth Aims to be a Leader in 'Differentiated Global Blockchain' With Mainnet Launch

The public blockchain platform ‘Mammoth’ has successfully launched on the mainnet on March 28.

Mammoth is currently being carried out in 36 countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the United States of America, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Uzbekistan. Creating a turning point for the company’s growth and transition, not limiting itself to the industry, and consolidating on increasing value. The fact that it actively participates in advancing and promoting DAO for all industries is a major differentiator.

Previously, digital technology was developing by converging with various fields of society, and the era of digital assets has arrived. It continues to evolve in the form of blockchain technology, which is the development of data, the virtual space metaverse that is out of reality, NFT with immutable value, and artificial intelligence that replaces people, leading to fundamental changes in content and finance.

Until recently, there were many critical views on the cryptocurrency market, but as the structure of the cryptocurrency market is becoming a platform and evolving around the world, cases of direct and indirect participation are rapidly increasing.
This is a plan to build an indispensable global business ecosystem as a hub (HUB) that connects the virtual economy and the real economy across borders with solutions that make blockchain business easier for each company and that can be expanded globally.

Accelerating is a business that helps businesses by building a virtuous cycle and expandable ecosystem through the convergence and convergence of blockchain technology and services, together with companies’ concerns about value expansion in the blockchain or non-blockchain industry. nurture In addition, it is expected to seek various ways to facilitate business expansion, such as making it possible to raise funds online for any project through a reverse DAO configuration.


Mammoth implemented multi-chain in Testnet with the most recent technology, and it is characterized by being one step closer to overcoming the limitations of speed and capacity of the blockchain technically. Beta Testnet, which is currently open, can check its technological prowess through Metamask and Tokenpoket.

In the future, more partners and projects are expected to participate in the Mammoth project, so the growth potential is very high.

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