Magic Hat Studio Launches Play-To-Earn Game, Dragon Master

Magic Hat Studio Launches Play-To-Earn Game, Dragon Master

Magic Hat Studio is elated to announce the launch of its new game, Dragon Master, which combines classic gameplay with play-to-earn (P2E) concepts.

As per the announcement, Dragon Master is a rebirth of the classic game Clash Royale, launched back in March 2016. The new game has numerous similarities to the classic game. Dragon Master, however, has additional features, including P2E. Clash Royale is still popular among gamers due to its strategy gameplay. The game combined various elements, including collectible cards, multiplayer online battles, and tower defense.

Commenting on the game, Lucas Adams, one of the team leaders of Magic Hat, explained:

“In fact, our inspiration for creating Dragon Master began with Clash Royale. Clash Royale is a classic game with appealing gameplay that requires players to buy card packs and then build decks to battle.”

The team behind the project decided to introduce play-to-earn to the traditional gameplay to allow players to generate real investments value for their inputs. Dragon Master is the first blockchain-based metaverse game that combines MOBA, RTS collection, and play to earn. Dragon Master features various elements like collecting, defending, raising, advancing, and MOBA. All these elements come together to bring players the familiarity and epicenes of Class Royale.


Adams further explained:

“Just as in the real world, you can increase the value of your capital by investing stock or real estate. So, an idea of fighting for players’ rights and the traditional gameplay of Clash Royale are constantly colliding and grinding together, resulting in what is now Dragon Master and its multiple NFTs.”

The game also introduces Dragon Master NFT with a motto of ‘Game First then DeFi.’  Players will use NFTs to build their teams to fight with others in the game. The NFTs are comprised of a set of dragons and can be created through random breeding. The game offers normal and mutation breeding. In normal mutation, two parents dragons produce one egg with random basic skills. On the other hand, in mutation breeding, one rare dragon is made by consuming two dragons and unlocking a second skill. Future generations can inherit the second skill. 

Collecting the entire set grants a player the power to summon a ‘Legend Dragon’, which comes with a bonus dividend (smart contract). The Legend Dragon allows the player to share in the revenue of the Dragon Master marketplace, receiving ETH daily in their wallets.

In the coming days, the team behind the project plans to introduce a land system allowing players to freely develop their home towns, engage in battles and defend themselves, and participate in other group activities. Lastly, Adams explained that Dragon Master will transition from a blockchain-based P2E game to a Dragon Metaverse in the future. The metaverse will have virtual characters, career features, and residences. 

Dragon Master is already gaining traction among different gaming circles. Just recently, IndiGG (IGG), a sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games(YGG) being built in association with Polygon to create a P2E gaming hub within India, announced its cooperation with Dragon Master.