LunaOne Introduces a New Generation Platform Laying the Foundation of the Metaverse

LunaOne Introduces a New Generation Platform Laying the Foundation of the Metaverse

The Metaverse, a virtual world connecting the physical world to a virtual ecosystem, is enjoying unprecedented growth. Over the past year, Metaverse projects raked in approximately $10B in investments. 

According to Bloomberg Intelligence, the global Metaverse market is expected to grow to $800 billion by 2024. Many projects are emerging to tap into the immense growth potential of the Metaverse that promises to become an accelerator for gaming, e-commerce, entertainment, crypto adoption, and much more.

LunaOne project is an emerging tech platform that seeks to lay down the foundation for the global Meta infrastructure, allowing users to participate in all aspects of human life in a seamless Web 3.0 environment.

The new generation platform uses an open-world concept to create the only virtual place where users can play games, learn, earn, work, attend events, and much more. LunaOne boasts one of the most experienced teams in the industry, including many members from Forbes 500 companies.

The team is developing a virtual society that merges the real and virtual worlds, allowing participants to enjoy all activities that will be available in the Metaverse without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.


LunaOne Core Elements and Features

Many market leaders from various sectors are looking to develop their versions of Metaverses or participate in virtual universes created by other developers. Unfortunately, the emerging metaverses are segmented, denying users a full-fledged virtual reality experience.

LunaOne seeks to solve the bottleneck to Metaverse adoption by creating the first decentralized virtual ecosystem that integrates business, education, and gaming in one place. The project brings game developers, educational, and business platforms together in a single virtual space that connects multiple Meta activities.

Users can access a cross-world interaction to real services in sectors like finance and education and connect virtual activities to the physical world. What’s more, LunaOne offers users virtual benefits that have real value in the real world.

The platform leverages decentralized decision-making (DAO) to allow any holder of the platform’s native XLN token to influence the development of the Metaverse platform. LunaOne also offers internal decentralized file storage for all metadata segmented and distributed among all members\ to guarantee complete security.

Furthermore, the project backers plan to integrate a decentralized messenger application to facilitate a seamless connection between users.

A Hyper-Real Virtual World with AR/VR Compatibility

LunaOne creates a hyper-real unlimited 3D virtual universe where anyone can shop, socialize, work, play, participate in expos, concerts, and other events, and live life in a never-ending world. 

Users need to create a unique avatar, an NFT that allows them securely access and interact with all the features of the Metaverse. One can use their avatar to solve, play P2E games, travel from one location to another, and solve real-world issues to earn rewards.

Players can further immerse themselves into avatars and virtual reality via the HYPE.vR kit. The AR/VR set features haptic and tracking suits and gloves that allow users to feel the environment on their skin and track other players’ facial and body movements.

The unlimited 3D virtual universe enables users to carry out activities that mirror reality. Essentially, a person can buy/sell real estate and own all sorts of virtual goods that have value in the physical world. 

Real estate and all other items in the Metaverse are unique NFTs that can be sold or transferred to other avatars. Real estate owners can find new quests and events with prizes, invite friends, and customize/build their own persistent environments.

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