Lucky Mystery Box: The World’s First Decentralized Crypto Lottery Launches on TRON

Lucky Mystery Box Announces Launch of its Crypto lottery on the TRON Network With a 1M USDT Prize Pool

Lucky Mystery Box introduces five Blockchain HASH games Size, Odd Even, Perfect Partner, Combat and Cow Mystery.

Lucky Mystery Box has just announced the launch of its crypto lottery on the TRON network. A Blockchain-based game where no one can influence or alter the results, and where everyone can see them in real-time. Currently, you can play the following games on the platform: Size, Odd Even, Perfect Partner, Combat, and Cow Mystery Box. There are a number of other games in development and testing by the team. On this platform, you can win a share of a prize pool that is worth 1 million USDT and is verifiable using the TRON explorer.

How does the Lucky Mystery Box work?

  • Lucky Mystery Box works on the underlying principle of Block Hash which is generated after each crypto transaction, is truly a unique id, and can’t be determined by third parties.
  • The platform decides the win/loss depending on each game’s distinct rules, which are solely determined by the generated Block Hash. 

How to play?

Lucky Mystery Box offers intuitive Blockchain lottery games (TRC-20) that one can connect and play with a touch of a button. 

The steps are as this simple:


Step 1: Visit the official website (mobile web app) 

Step 2: Create or re-store a TRON wallet (decentralized/Web3) with enough TRX for the gas fee, which is mandatory for each transaction. The platform recommends major Web3 mobile wallets such as HyperPay, ImToken, TronLink, BitKeep, etc., which seemingly support TRON DApps.

Step 3: Search the platform URL in the TRON wallet browser and connect the DApp. From here, you’re all set to begin. The whole process is confidential and no personal information is required.

Step 4: Players can now select their game of choice and kickstart the process for the play mode. Each game has its own rule and reward allocation which is mentioned in the game room. One can play with minimal amounts of as low as 10 USDT, with different limits specified for each game, respectively.

Step 5: The result is quick and instant (win/loss) because it’s built on Blockchain, therefore no third-party delays which make your deposits instantaneous within seconds. Importantly, the process is fair and transparent and hence no fraud is possible courtesy of Blockchain technology.


One can also play even without connecting the TRON wallet which is an additional layer on the player’s privacy. The steps are this simple;

Step 1: Visit the official website – 

Step 2: Select any game and read the respective rules carefully.

Step 3: Each game has its unique and official TRX betting address. Therefore, transfer the desired USDT/TRX (Trc-20) to the mentioned address. Initially, one can try with a small amount as an experiment. Regardless, the official betting address is safe and secured to facilitate fund security. 

Step 4: After completing the transaction, find the Block Hash on the TRON Scanner. If it matches the game rule, then the respective reward (in the proportion of 1.98X or 1.95X) would be automatically and instantly deposited back from the prize pool. Sounds simple? Sure it is!

The lottery is now open and fair, thanks to blockchain technology.

Because its public ledger is available to all users, Lucky Mystery Box can assure its patrons of absolute honesty and openness. Due to the immutability of the Block Hash generated by the distributed ledger technology used in Blockchain, players can be confident in its integrity. Since this is a Blockchain-based game, all transactions can be easily viewed and traced.

The total prize pool that will be split among the winners is also specified. In order to calm their nerves about possible “fund rapture” incidents, players can check the prize pool at any time. The platform also features a real-time, weekly, and monthly leaderboard that displays the winners without disclosing any personally identifiable information. Players can rest assured that their accounts will be credited automatically within 3-12 seconds of a win.

Specialized customer support service

Players can reach out to the platform’s dedicated support staff at any time, day or night, for help with any issues or questions that may arise while using the service. Furthermore, there is a reliable direct line of contact with customer service in the event that a problem arises. Further, players can ask questions and share thoughts at any time by joining the telegram community (

About Lucky Mystery Box

Decentralized on the principles of the Block Hash generated during each TRC-20 transaction, Lucky Mystery Box is the first of its kind in the crypto lottery industry. The TRON explorer allows anyone to see the rules and results of five Blockchain HASH games that the platform has introduced. In a matter of seconds, Lucky Mystery Box will automatically and unattended transfer the rewards/cashback from the prize pool to the winner’s wallet.