Litecoin [LTC], Tron [TRX], EOS Price Analysis and Forecast – June 25, 2019

XRP and Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Prediction and Analysis

Litecoin (LTC/USD)


LTC/USD pair has dipped by 0.07%, having moved from $135.72 (A) to $135.63 over the past 24hrs. LTC saw a short-term period of consolidation that placed the support level at $135.72 and the resistance level at $136.33.

This was later followed by a price fall that dipped the price to a low of $132.63. The short decline pushed the support level down to $133.30.

At around 21:00 an uptrend is seen that shifted up the price momentum to a high of $137.71 before it slightly dropped to the current price of $135.63. Market performance, indicated by the RSI indicator is on a downtrend. This, therefore, indicates increased selling pressure since the RSI is seen declining.



Despite the drop in price, there is an overall bullish outlook. This is because the support level has been moved up from $133.302 to $135.285 which indicate a bullish outlook. The 7-day MA is currently gravitating above the 21 day MA indicating incoming bullish signal. New target should hence be set around the $137 price level.

Tron (TRX/USD)


TRX/USD pair has been exhibiting a bullish outlook, it has gained by 1.87% having moved from $0.038792 to $0.039531 in the last 24hrs. it’s currently operating a circulating supply of 66.6 Billion coins and a maximum supply of 99 Billion coins. 

Yesterday at around 20:00, the price of TRX dipped to a low of $0.037906. Today around 05:00 the bulls managed to take control of the market momentum and revived the trend from a downtrend to an uptrend. Notably, the price momentum massively scaled up to close at $0.039981 before dropping slightly to the current price.

The uptrend has been supported by the RSI indicator X that is almost crossing level 70 thus indicating an overbought market. This shows positive investors sentiments.


There is a high chance of an incoming period of consolidation since the Relative Strength Index is currently trading towards 60, thus, indicating a lack of dominance from either buyers or sellers. New support target should be held at $0.039472.



EOS/USD pair has been trading on a sideways trend in the last 24hrs, the trend has been supported by the intertwining moving averages. 

EOS started the day at $7.20 and is currently trading at $7.11. This showed that it’s currently down by 1.02%. The RSI indicator indicates a downtrend since it is seen dropping from 58.14 to 43.43 thus reflecting increased selling pressure.

Both support level and resistance level were breached. The resistance level currently sits at $7.2362 and support level placed around $7.1682.


A bullish signal is likely to be encountered since almost all indicators are pointing at an upward price rally. The 7-day moving average is currently gravitating above the 21-day moving average.

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