Liquid Crafts Dragon And Bourbon NFT Series

Liquid Crafts Dragon And Bourbon NFT Series

Liquid Craft is launching their first release of liquor-backed NFTs titled Dragons and Bourbon on October 29th at 12 PM PST for initial presale, with public sales going live on Oct 31at at 12 PM PST. The launch is the first step in the project’s objective, set to take aim at the NFT and traditional liquor markets at the same time, through the combination of blockchain technology, backed by collectible fine liquors.

The project aims to bring additional value to the NFT space by tying appreciating assets to the one-of-a-kind digital art pieces, while at the same time using this technology to further enhance the traditional liquor market. Liquid Craft is soon to release a complete marketplace, for international crafters of fine wines, spirits, and specialty beers to reach a new global audience.

Liquid Crafts First NFT Release – Dragons and Bourbon

Their initial offering, titled Dragons and Bourbon is the first step in Liquid Crafts introduction to two separate markets. Each NFT is tied to a premium bottle of handcrafted, cask strength bourbon, created by the international award-winning distillers at The Heart Distillery from Windsor Colorado. The bourbon has been crafted by The Heart Distillery using homegrown and locally supplied ingredients in a limited supply small-batch, as such the NFT releases have been restricted to a total of 1500 total mints. 

The release is occurring in two tiers, with 750 NFTs each. One on the Ethereum Network and another for the Binance Smart Chain. Initial buyers who purchase this first batch will be eligible to receive airdrops of the native $CRAFT token, with variable allocations dependant on the tier purchased, additionally there are exclusive offers, automatic entry to all future giveaways and event invitations. 


The Solution For Buyers – Merging Both Markets

NFTs, and the smart contracts they are built on, can improve a lot of the barriers to entry for would-be investors to the liquor investment market. Buyers that currently find the intermediary processes, along with shipping, and storage requirements involved with fine liquor investments a hurdle, can now trade the value behind these liquors using NFTs without handling the physical product. Through the use of blockchain, traders can purchase the liquor-backed NFT and trade or collect like they would with any other NFT in circulation.

For investors who are interested in NFTs but are concerned with the overestimated prices or potential of loss in the current NFT market, tying the NFT to an appreciating asset mitigates this risk.

Using NFTs To Assist the Struggling Craft Industry

The vision for the Liquid Craft team is to provide a complete marketplace that incorporates international crafters of fine spirits, wines, specialty craft beers, and liqueurs, with investors and buyers. Many wineries, breweries and distilleries the world over have suffered from the drop in international tourism over the last 2 years. By providing an ability to showcase their product to an international audience, Liquid Crafts NFT marketplace could provide an alternative revenue stream and a potential lifeline to a struggling industry.

Oct 29th at 12 PM PST Presale – Oct 31st 12 PM PST for Public Sale

The official launch dates are confirmed, whitelist participants can purchase on the 29th Oct at 12 PM PST, with the public sale going live on Oct 31st at 12 PM PST. 

Liquid Craft has its focus set on the upcoming launch, with a significant marketing and promotional drive underway. The team has numerous AMA’s planned with various cryptocurrency channels and groups as well as promotions across all of their social media pages with prizes up for grabs on each. Prizes for winners include Dragon and Bourbon NFTs, and whitelist opportunities. Liquid Craft has partnered with a specialized SEO and crypto marketing agency, Coinpresso to assist with the launch as well as all future marketing endeavors.

Liquid Craft’s objective is to create change in multiple industries for the benefit of the average investor and crafters of handcrafted liquors. Intermediaries are removed, NFTs can now have tangible value and crafters can showcase their craft to a new international audience. 

All information for their release of Dragons and Bourbon NFTs, AMAs, promotions, and future updates for the project will be posted on their official social media pages and channels.



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