Linkflow Finance Strategically Partners With Soteria and Titan

Linkflow Finance Strategically Partners With Soteria and Titan

LinkFlow Finance has announced two strategic partnerships with different crypto firms to further its quest in decentralized finance. One of the partnerships is with Soteria, a blockchain-based mutual developed to share the risks associated with the decentralized financial ecosystem.

Through the partnership with Soteria, LinkFlow can now guarantee its customers more stable financial services. Notably, Soteria is expected to bring on board its crypto-insurance services thus reducing the risks associated with LinkFlow’s prime brokerage and investment services. In turn, both entities anticipate benefiting symbiotically from the partnership as the crypto industry gets adopted globally.

“We are expecting to minimize the risk of investment activities by partnering with one of the most successful insurance platforms for the DeFi market.” Said the Linkflow team.

According to LinkFlow, the company expects to invest a portion of its capital with Soteria insurance products. As a result, LinkFlow investors can financially benefit from the opportunities that emerge from the insurance industry, particularly in the crypto industry.

LinkFlow seeks to maximize profits for its global customers and at the same time minimize the risks associated with the cryptocurrency industry. The company has been venturing into the crypto space through the Defi ecosystem that experienced a huge boom last year. However, there is still a huge room for improvement that LinkFlow is in the process of venturing.


Earlier this week, LinkFlow inked another partnership with Titan, a blockchain-based Defi center. Titan was developed to provide liquidity solutions to different digital assets and facilitated decentralized asset swap.

“Through this technical collaboration partnership, both parties will share knowledge and know-how of DEX and Liquidity Pool operation and eventually integrate into the core Titan services into the Prime Brokerage Service,”.

In a statement, Chris Jung, president of Linkflow Finance, said the partnership with Titan will significantly help the company to venture into the decentralized financial ecosystem.

Moreover, the partnership will help both companies market themselves to their respective customers, hence grow amid increased competition in the Defi space. “The partnership with Titan will allow developing and enhancing the DeFi service of Linkflow,” Said Jung.