Learn why AI crypto Avorak AI is the next market trend to surpass SHIB

Learn why AI crypto is the next market trend to surpass SHIB

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a fair share of events in recent times, with popular coins like Shiba Inu making headlines and capturing attention. However, as the hype seems to fizzle, a new trend is emerging in the crypto world that may surpass the Shiba Inu craze. The AI crypto world’s impact on the cryptocurrency market is evidenced by emerging projects like Avorak AI, whose popularity and value surpass many players.

AI Crypto: The Next Big Crypto Trend

When AI and cryptocurrency come together, they create exciting, dynamic, and growing new possibilities. AI crypto integrates artificial intelligence into the cryptocurrency space, offering the potential to increase returns and improve security. Blockchain technology provides a secure and transparent platform, and combining it with AI is the next big crypto market trend. AI crypto players like Avorak AI, Fetch.ai, and SingularityNET are deploying AI-blockchain infrastructure for businesses and individuals to simplify tasks like the market watch and crypto trading technical analysis.

Avorak AI: The Next 20X Crypto?

Avorak AI is the leading AI crypto platform with a comprehensive one-stop solution for individuals and blockchains. Crypto trading has never been easier than using its ease-of-use trade bots. Avorak Trade monitors markets around the clock for any profitable signals. The bot has been instrumental in relaying accurate trade signals through its indicators during its beta testing stages.


AVRK tokens can be purchased at $ 0.235 in ICO phase six. Although discounted during the ICO stage, the AVRK price has shown a tremendous rise by 291.67%, and interested users can take advantage before May 30, when the price rise will occur. Avorak’s platform is secure and transparent, as confirmed by two audits by CyberScope and SolidProof. Avorak AI’s ICO performance has not gone unnoticed as YouTube enthusiasts have provided insights on YouTube, with Jacob Crypto Bury tagging the project as the next 10x crypto. Its launch at $1 will feature on LAToken, Azbit, Coinsbit, and PancakeSwap exchanges.

With the content generation field abuzz with popular tools like ChatGPT, Avorak Write enters the text creation field with one-stop-shop solutions that address the existing shortcomings. Unlike the current writing assistants, Avorak generates nonrepetitive and plagiarism-free content and allows the user to dictate the output style.


Will Shiba Inu Coin Reach $1?

Shiba Inu will unlikely reach $1 as the supply and demand factors may not favour its enormous 589 trillion tokens. Shiba Inu at $1 would imply a market capitalization of $589 trillion, which according to global standards, will make SHIB the most valuable asset ever considering the global GDP. If Shiba Inu intends to reduce the coin supply, it would need to install an effective burn mechanism which could take years to accomplish the coin burning task.

Will Shiba Inu Go Up?

Although Shiba Inu may not reach $1, its value may increase if it successfully shakes up its meme coin tag. It can only achieve this by infusing in more real-use cases and installing a burn mechanism to cut the enormous SHIB supply. Its developing ecosystem and diversification could reawaken its flair, coupled with favourable market conditions.


Shiba Inu has had its say, but market demand, supply, adoption, and other factors are unkind to just hype with no intrinsic value. Avorak AI and AI crypto, in general, are surpassing the meme hype by defining how human-led tasks are executed through their easy-to-use AI collaborative solutions.

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