LBank Is Recruiting Global Ambassadors To Share In Its Growth

LBank Is Recruiting Global Ambassadors To Share In Its Growth

LBank, a leading digital asset exchange, continues to recruit elites from across the globe to become part of its Global Ambassador recruitment.

The Global Ambassador Recruitment program, which was launched last month, aims at having a specific country or regional spokesperson. In addition, the program seeks to appoint at least one or two representatives who will be recruited to work as LBank global ambassadors or community ambassadors.

Notably, global ambassadors will be bound to LBank’s business growth. They will also be sharing on LBank’s revenue in their countries. 

LBank explains:

“We provide sufficient marketing budget, media, and operation support to build global ambassadors’ reputations in the blockchain industry. In addition, global Ambassadors will represent LBank in local marketing, branding, event hosting, charity sponsorship, and other industry activities to fully expand the local market.”


In addition, the ambassadors will be required to regularly attend the exclusive investment meetings that will be organized by Lbank’s senior investment and research team. Other ambassadorial duties will include discover and contract local, high-quality blockchain projects and participating in the early incubation and services of the projects.

At the grassroots, the ambassadors will be responsible for local community establishment, community management, handling emergencies within the community, user growth, maintaining the bank’s brand image, and providing feedback on the community. 

For perks, community ambassadors will enjoy an excellent referral commission and bonus for community operations and management. In addition, those with outstanding performance will be promoted to the global ambassador opening them up to more rights and rewards. 

LBank is also looking to create more partnerships with universities through its Campus Partnership Program. The program targets universities worldwide in the search for new blood in the blockchain industry. Reportedly, LBank has set a sufficient budget to help Campus Partners carry out onsite campus activities, including forums, Lectures, and receptions, to allow students to discuss and study blockchain ecologies and projects. 

Campus Partners will be tasked with writing up regular industry analyses and commentary published in top industry media. It is worth noting that the higher the recognition a partner gets, the higher they will get paid. LBank will also offer such candidates internship opportunities in their headquarters, write a recommendation letter, and job referrals from the LBank team. 

LBank is currently one of the most trusted and popular crypto trading platforms. It has over 5.6 million users in over 50 countries worldwide. Just recently, announced the completion of its “deposit and airdrop” reward distribution that saw users participate in the 66000 $PLUG giveaway.

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