LBank Hosts Special Meet-up for the Turkish Community and Crypto Traders

LBank Hosts Special Meet-up for the Turkish Community and Crypto Traders

On June 25th, 2022, LBank brought together novice and seasoned traders in Istanbul at AltcoinTurk Trader Base, Turkey’s first cryptocurrency café.

The Radiocaca team, blockchain influencers, university blockchain communities, producers of crypto token projects, and crypto TV stars all attended the event.

A technical analysis session was offered by one of the blockchain influencers in addition to the regular networking. This is due to a marked increase in interest in comprehending the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading and learning how to effectively apply them.

The audience also learned about the services and products offered by LBank. The few subjects discussed were the potential influence of cryptocurrencies on financial stability and the necessity of protecting vulnerable customers.

LBank provides several options that Turks can take use of to create a more successful way of life and society. It is prepared to take the initiative in establishing a broader network of cryptocurrency aficionados in Turkey.


Additionally, LBank made a lot of great metaverse tokens available on its trading platform in order to cater to the growing needs of traders.

Turkey has consistently emerged over the past two years as a quickly growing crypto hub in Europe, and traders in the country seem to favor the metaverse the most.

In an effort to build a healthy community of traders, influencers, and developers around the region, the top cryptocurrency exchange has organized numerous virtual and physical masterclasses.

The Raca USM metaverse was also presented on RadioCaca. After that, there were raffles, and many people left with multiple prizes and gifts.

In order to discuss the future of blockchain in Turkey, merchants, blockchain influencers, and representatives of significant university blockchain groups gathered together.

The LBank representatives’ announcement that the exchange plans to conduct more research in Turkey was the event’s high point.