LBank Exchange Lists Drive Crypto (DRIVECRYPTO) Token

LBank Exchange Lists Drive Crypto (DRIVECRYPTO) Token

Drive Crypto (DRIVECRYPTO) was listed on LBank Exchange, a global trading platform for digital assets, on August 9, 2022. On August 9, 2022, at 23:00 (UTC+8), the DRIVECRYPTO/USDT trading pair became formally accessible to all LBank Exchange users.

Drive Crypto (DRIVECRYPTO) is the first web3 mobility app created with the Drive-to-Earn concept and GameFi/SocialFi components, allowing users to earn cryptocurrencies while driving with exclusive and rare NFT cars. On August 9, 2022, at 23:00 (UTC+8), its native token DRIVECRYPTO will be listed on LBank Exchange, furthering its global reach and assisting it in realising its vision.

Welcome to Drive Crypto

The first web3 mobility app, called Drive Crypto, was created using the Drive-to-Earn concept and GameFi/SocialFi. It has been designed around a fundamental daily activity for most people: travelling from place to place by vehicle. It’s the first cryptocurrency space project to realise the idea of mobility and functional gain successfully.

Users outfit their vehicles with NFTs that calculate each kilometre travelled while driving them, such as electric motors and batteries. Users will earn in-game currency through this activity, which they can either use in-game or transfer to their in-game wallets. Since there will only be one edition of each NTF car and no duplicates, they are all unique and valuable.

NFT cars can be used in the racing game mode to compete against other players in a Fast & Furious-style race, and the top three finishers will be able to earn DRIVECRYPTO rewards in addition to winnings from the Drive-to-Earn mode. The first exclusive and car-only marketplace, NFT-DriveStore, will allow all NFT car owners to sell their NFT vehicles. Its global ambassador, former Indianapolis 500 racer Alex Sperafico, released his NFTs in DriveStore, where they quickly sold out.


Drive Crypto also aims to assist in developing the infrastructure required to meet the demand for charging electric vehicles, with a portion of its profits going toward installing actual electric vehicle charging stations, which will aid in the fight against climate change by producing carbon credits. Through a long-term web3 ecosystem, it goes above and beyond a GameFi/SocialFi project to alter the environmental mindset. The Drive to Earn app is available for public test download, and users can easily find more information on the DRIVECRYPTO website.


The ecosystem of Drive Crypto has a native token called DRIVECRYPTO. Based on BEP-20, it has a total supply of 1 billion (or 1,000,000,000) tokens, of which 7% are set aside for private sales, 10% are set aside for public sales, 30% are set aside for Drive-to-Earn rewards, 12% are set aside for recharge stations, 2% are set aside for the advantages club, another 2% are set aside for special prizes, 12% are set aside for the team, 0.5% are set aside for a liquidity pool, 15% are set aside for marketing, 0.

It charges a total of 10% on each transaction, 2.5% of which is set aside for extra liquidity, 2.5% for development, 2% for marketing on each purchase and 4% on each sale; 2% is reserved for reflection on each purchase only, and the remaining 1% will be burned, reducing the number of available tokens. Burning of tokens will continue until half of the offering is consumed (500 million tokens). No more burns will happen after this one is completed.

On August 9, 2022, at 23:00 (UTC+8), the DRIVECRYPTO token will be listed on LBank Exchange; at that time, investors interested in Drive Crypto investments will be able to buy and sell DRIVECRYPTO token on LBank Exchange quickly. Undoubtedly, the DRIVECRYPTO token’s listing on LBank Exchange will aid in the company’s continued business growth and increase market awareness.