LBank Exchange CEO Allen Wei Reveals Mission to Drive More Community Engagement

LBank Exchange CEO Allen Wei Reveals Mission to Drive More Community Engagement

Allen Wei, the CEO of leading global cryptocurrency exchange, LBank in an interview with foremost online tv, Crypto TV has given more insight on the mission and relevance of the platform in the crypto sphere. The inspiration behind the foundation of the platform was not excluded.

LBank is an innovative global trading platform that provides support for various crypto assets. The exchange provides its users with safe crypto trading, specialized financial derivatives, and professional asset management services.

A Platform of The People

While giving details on the drive behind the creation of the platform, Wei explained that he created LBank exchange in a bid to give back to the people, provide them with financial freedom, and build a global community of innovators, thinkers, and leaders.

It appears that the platform has seen incredible progress since it found its way to the crypto market in 2015 as the CEO’s speech unveiled that LBank already has up to $1 billion in daily trading volume, accompanied by 6.4 million registered users spread across over 210 countries and regions.

Wei further revealed that since the launch of LBank, the platform has seen waves of partners venturing into the exchange, massive collaborations, and campaigns which has significantly contributed to a steady expansion of the platform. More impressively, the platform experiences more than 100, 000 daily active users, thus clearing all curious as to how it has grown to become an exchange for the people.


According to Allen Wei, the reputation of the exchange has skyrocketed to the next level as he claimed that many people from all parts of the world are recommending LBank as the best trading platform due to its longstanding record of never being hacked since its inception.

While noting that LBank is one the leading crypto trading exchanges in the world, Wei affirmed that the exchange will continue to give a platform to everyone as it will keep upgrading its features and incorporating new ideas to make the platform a secure medium easily and conveniently trade crypto assets.

LBank Eyes Potential Meetups in Africa and India

In a bid to achieve its aim of capturing the global markets, facilitating mass adoption in both large and small regions of the world, CEO Allen Wei disclosed plans that LBank is slated to hold a meet-up in Nigeria on March 19, in addition to another event in India and Turkey on March 26, 2022.

“LBank is gradually becoming the best bet for the Indian community, he says. Interestingly, some Indian community members came to the Crypto Expo Dubai just to visit LBank,” he said.

According to Wei, the team’s central focus for meetups in 2022 is India and some countries in Africa including Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and the middle east, following plans to set shop in these regions.